Thursday, January 25, 2007

One Month to go!

Yeah so Carnival is right around the corner and I am more excited than ever. I know I have been kind of sticking with the posts but I real busy in work these days and will be till about 2010! Just a quick update.....

So I get my stockings in the Micles. Inflation like it hitting everything...the tights is now $45 not $40!1 Maybe on account of the new "Micles" packaging when is the same damn tights from Columbia. I won't fuss too much cause its some good stuff and relatively economical compared to the other tights on the market. As a rule I always buy at least two pairs. I learnt this the hard way when one Carnival Monday before I even left the house I leaned over to tie my laces and my bra top pulled on the stockings. Trust me, buy two.

I kinda stick on my accessories. I got one interesting bracelet even though I really wanted a pair. I dunno if I will even wear it. It occured to me this week that if I did not have any earrings. My head piece basically rules out any large earrings on Tuesday but one of my Diva Rules is "Never leave home without earrings" so I can't go without on Monday. Some of you who have been following from back in the day may remember my mission to get accessories in order in my post "The Dragon can Wine too!". Needless to say I real stick. I realise that if I was even going to entertain the exhorbitant shipping fees to secure the items shown that were bunning my is uncertain whether at this point I will even get it in time for Carnival. I realised I was in a dilemna because I doubted that I could find similar items in Trinidad.(As if I even had the time). Much to my suprise my friend who promised to bring me back something from China dragon-related (and set me up) told me today that he had in fact asked a jeweller friend of his (in China) to make me a set. I nearly fell off my chair when he said that. Then I got sad when I realised that there was no way I was getting them for Carnival before either his next trip or when someone he knew was coming back. Then he tells me.."It's being sent!!" YAY!!!!!!.Lawd i hope it gets here in time! (and he not setting me up again.)

My exercise routine has dramatically improved. Considering of course it was non existant before lol. I've been watching what I eat. (Bad carbs are bad!).However, I still can't bring myself to squeeze up with the rest of the gymbolassies in the weight room. I've stuck to doing spin as many times a week as I can afford and alternating with a little Lady Chancellor in between. I have decided to bun out that Chancellor as well, too many ppl. You can't keep your own pace with so many ppl walking at the same time on one side of the road.Being both a exerciser and a frequent driver of Chancellor, I get irritated twice as much as the next person. I want to run ppl off the road when I'm walking and driving.So for my sanity I will stick to the spinn. I need to double up on some abs although I think I am pretty good form...not yet ridiculous though. If only I had a Tyra body like in my last post...(pre retirement that is!). I would need them implants though!Ha!

I will be paying my costume off next week as soon as I get paid just so I can get the money out my hands. (and hopefully save some time when collecting). I am more concerned with getting it out my hands though. I could starve this month, run out of gas and stay home from now till Carnival..... but mas must play! Nonetheless, my brokeness was assisted somewhat courtesy of my daddy who sponsored a Blue Range all inclusive ticket for me. Traditionally I go to at least one all inclusive with my parents. It usually was Salybia and Blue Range. I bun out Salybia and was crying broke for Blue Range so he fronted me the cash. Hopefully I can stall him till March for repayment lolol.

So guys if I don't hit you up before, be safe this weekend. I go take a wine for you!


saucydiva said...

Enjoy your fete this weekend.

Dem Micles tights not too bad at $45.00 eh, cause they have tights for $90.00 as well!!!!

I got mine too and I think they are super fabulous!!

Good thing I ruled out Chancelor I would get mad as well. The gym sees me at 7:00pm so I doh really get most of the crowd.

I don't see what you working out for cause you looking hot already ! lol

Carnival Jumbie (Diva) said...

Well looking good is one thing...being fit is very different!!!! I trying to build some stamina for that hot sun and hopefully a little muscles. Best believe if I have to run thru town at 7pm like Tribe 2005 again I go dead!!

saucydiva said...

I hear you! Well if is one thing is no more running to find the band when yuh late like the old days :D

That late night crossing stage ting was pure MADNESS!!!!!