Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Old Year's Nite Review

Happy New Year everyone!Well this is the first Old Years Nite I went party hopping.Tings turn out in me and the hubby favour and we end up getting some comps to go a dance in Chaguramas Golf Course.S after breaking in the year at home, we headed down.At $400/ head I was hoping to fill my belly before hitting 51. I must say the place was decorated beautifully. Big high ceiling tents with fabric draped roofs.Apparently they had spome uptown wedding the day before and the decorations were on lock. I hear Machel perform at the wedding too. (humph papa yo!). Doh mind when we walk in , the party had obviously buss. My b/f was like "Nah!I not staying here!". The actually was no one at the door to collect our tickets. We just waltz in. I was suprised and disappointed that I eh call all my friends to come along and storm.

They laid down some mesh on the grass to firm up the ground. Good idea but I almost buss my ass when my stiletto got stuck in one of the spaces. That happened several times in the night as well. We reach about 1 am and was most disappointed to see that the free champagne bar was locked off already. The bartender telling me they only selling by the bottle. Now really, If i had pay $400/ticket, why the hell would I walk with $600 extra in my pocket jus for so??STEUPS. I was more annoyed when the bar had no red bull to go with my Johnny Walker. STEUPS. Other than that the bar was good. They had a live performance with Knycky Cordner and her band and they did pretty well. The food was ok but I expected more for the price. Some ham slices with bread, chicken wings, potato salad and desert. Thye had some dodgy meatballs that were grey and had no sauce. I was not risking food poisoning! So we show we face for a little while and headed down 51.

Like time was flying cause we eh reach 51 till nearly 3am.When I reach in the dance I find it looking real scanty. I figured it was because we reach so late. From all reports however, they never had a full crowd like last year to begin with. I get cross immediatley when I hear champagne done. So how is it possible that if we have less ppl in the dance and I pay $100 more than last year that champagne done by 2am??In addition to which, yuh still have to buy the red bull. Not impressed. I never even see the food there, I eh sure if it was done or if I just eh find it. The music was good but again..time flew and in no time it was over.Overall I was disappointed as I had a much better time last year and felt more like I got my money's worth then.Compared to their last party..Bourgeois, this one was seriously lacking and it was more expensive!! In Bougeois I get Moet almost all night!!I would have prefer if they had put the party back in Moka and provide me with what they did last time.

We get a chain up to go to some house party in the river estate in a big mansion. And that was pretty cool as well. Just took in the music for awhile. I left there about 6am and headed home to get my first work out for the year (ha!). All in all it was a nice night but I was a little turned off that I did not get to drink any champagne. I had used up to the two bottles I had home over Christmas.

Well my sis started the new year with a bang and made cheesecake..why she is torturing me..I don't know. But No!! I shall not give into temptation..I shall prevail with mt Carnival Diet. Doh mind I lime last night again and gots no sleep, so I doh feel any gym seeing me today!I wish the rest of you luck.


Hottie Hottie said...

Wait. You married?! But like is ALL ah allyuh!

Carnival Jumbie (Diva) said...

aye aye , buh hottie yuh reach back. Yuh was MIA there for awhile too.
Well I eh go in the red house to get the marriage certificate yet but I working on it !!lolol Soon man soon. Mr. Man say he want Machel in he wedding like them ppl, I tell him he better start working on that from now lol.

kevian said...

hottie like is only me and u gyal..lol. My bf is so boring for the 3rd year running we stayed home and watched each other.. it is getting to me... geeez... luV!.

kevian said...

was that a workout or a "work ouT"??

Carnival Jumbie (Diva) said...

at 6am, half drunk it was definitely a 'work out' lolol