Sunday, January 07, 2007

Lucky Bitch!

I really had to be one lucky bitch. I get 3 numbers in the lotto last week. So I get a free ticket. Aye you had to be in the game to win ! So I have a friend who does somehow always manage to find a link for we to go in the dance. Well about 6 she call me and tell me how she could get comps for Break in the Pier 1 but I had to tell her now if I want to go. I had already kinda set myself that I was not going anywhere and I had to get up early to go out thye next day , buh free ting is free ting. So i tell her yes. I thought about it a bit more (as she put me on the spot) an dthen call back and ask If Machel was performing. Well when she tell me no I say I not on that. I did not want to run down any party which by all expectations would have been rather ghetto and rambunctious especially when it would be going late and i had things to do Sunday.

Well as I on my way to collect my free ticket before the lotto machine close off for the night, she calls me again. She say girl, "BG All inclusive-2 comps..we in the daaaance!!" Well boy I had to mash a brakes and hightail it home one time (after i get the ticket of course). Cause I have an hour to bathe and dress and get down Chaguaramas before 9PM when Machel performing. So you could tell me why when my gas tank on E and I in a hurry the gas station had 10000 ppl in it ? STEUPS. I went to 3 gas station and all was back up. I went down in the ghetto by RichPlain yes, doh business.

Well I eh know what I putting on cause yuh know is a uptown fete and I eh really budget my wadrobe for this occasion.Like I forget I get clothes for the Christmas.( My horsie Aisha , yuh save a life last night..big up!) So we get down the road. I must say BG had it lock with them shuttle. Usually when it have tings down Chaguramas Golf Course and it have a shuttle system is a set of yellow band small maxi thatyuh have to hope to god go be there when yuh ready to leave. Nah! BG spend they money,about 20 air condition big maxi to carry we in the dance. When we sit in the shuttle I tell the drive one time , mash gas brudder Machel now come on stage. Ithave 20 other maxi for ppl to rush. I swear that was the longest I ever take to reach golf course in my LIFE. My friend counting the minuteson the maxi clock. When she reach 10 I start to tap up my feet on the floor fus' anxious to get there before Machel finish perform.

As I reach and admired the very nice set up which was in collaboration with Island People, I pass by the bar and get a Johnny and Red Bull with no trouble!!! YAY! Machel on the stage and I telling yuh I start the Carnival right there. Real wine,real jump up. My pores was raising. I does be so excited for Carnival , it is like I am a different person, the Jumbie in me does really surface. Me and my friend was not sticking, we catch up to all we other partners who was in the dance from early. After Machel perform I went to cause it by the food. All the lines were long but they moved pretty quickly. The fact that at 11pm they STILL had food was a plus for me anyway. Doh mind when I reach the top of the line I get the last plate lolol!! I eh know how long it was befor ethey get more plate. I see greedy ppl taking napkin to get lamb chops and ting. But the food was best too!!

Only thing I could complain about is that they were having some electrical trouble and at times when I went to the female washroom the tent was in darkness. You had to actually let your eyes adjust to see anything inside. I actually thought it was intentional at first, wondering who was the idiot that thought darkness in the female bathroom would be cool. But real toppa top service right through. I kinda miss most of Maximus performance cause I was filling meh belly. I ignore Destra cause I not really on she period. But I was real hype, and I wanted to wine some more but I was kinda forced to cool it a bit cause High Fidelity was not playing as well as he did in Fed Up.

One good plus, I bounce up the same IP comittee member who I complain to last time by the bar and he asking me if I enjoying it. I say well yeah, I get my red bull without having to cuss anybody. He laugh and say well you go enjoy yourself more in the Amnesia. ME PAPA? I doh have money for that, I pay insurance and ting this week. Yuh know the man is to tell me that HE want me to go Amnesia, he go organise me. Well POW POW!! I in the Amnesia too!! Well.....we go see if I get a duck or not next week lolololol! Yuh know they does be all talk and then duck yuh. I would never have ask him for shit eh..buh if yuh offering ..well hey!

So now I have to materialise another outfit for next week if I should get thru with a comp cause I still broke.and will be for awhile. But the Carnival start and I looking to cause it.

Buh doh say I get 3 numbers in the lotto again this weekend!!lol Next week is mine for sure !


saucydiva said...

Lucky bitch is right! :D

Good luck with Amnesia;the motto for Carnival is free or bust.. LOL.

Bagogyul said...

Gyul, u damn right yuh lucky!
Have fun for me girl....hopefuly they will start broadcasting some of these fetes so I can wine here in NYC with you!

BMOB 08 said...

Girl u ain't easy, but is how u lukcy so??? As saucy say "free, or bust"

Hottie Hottie said...

LOL! LOL! She tell de man mash it brudder. Ah love it! Eef yuh see meh bussing out laughing in de people dem orfice with dat one. And yuh know ah kyah explain why.

Jamette said...

What is funny is that we were pressing up the man bell in the maxi. Telling him 'by de lights drive'. Or 'after the last tent on yuh left drive'. Real examples of no behavior in the ppl stoosh maxi.