Sunday, January 14, 2007

The gym beast emerges

Can you believe I got up this morning and went to spin.......on Sunday!!I woke up this morning with every part of my body hurting me from yesterday's class. I literally dragged myself out my bed, more because I had the dragon costume watching me as soon as I got up. If you think I'm chronic, my friend who went Bliss last night woke me up at 8:30am to ask if I was going..doh mind the class was 10:30am.

The guy from yesterday was supposed to do today's class but he ducked us. I am so glad I stuck around and did it though. The instructor gave a ridiculous workout. Whereas yesterday was more cardio, he did a spin which focused on toning. At the end he even did core exercises and abs. Wow I was going home to do some more abs but after that ...but I could barely move. I hope I can keep it up during the work week. That is always my biggest obstacle. If I continue like this I am well on my way in the pursuit of ridiculousness!!

Aside, I heard from her that Bliss was whack. Apparently the food was fantastic but the vibe was dead. Sounds just like the report from last year!! Anyhow I'm home now cause the link I had for Amnesia did not pan out (suprise suprise). Is only because I am not a party hoe/groupie that I eh put on my clothes and go outside and stand up and 'hope' to see the man. If I have nothing in my hand befor ethe party, I not going. I got another link to get a ticket at $250. Phsst , if it not free...I doh want it, especially after being assured a comp. Please, IP eh bound for my money, it have costume to pay for.

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