Thursday, January 25, 2007

Final Destination

I forget to give allyuh this joke...Earlier on thsi week I am walking down a hallway in my house and spilt some water on the (tiled) floor. So being that I did not want anyone to slip and fall and I wiped it up. Well if you have ever mopped a tiled floor you know that it does not try immediately but I figured no scene as the spot was right near the wall where you would not walk and it was a very small amount of water overflow froma cup I was holding.

Nonetheless on my next pass down the hall way, my front leg caught on the wet patch. One leg went forward, one went back as if I was doing a split on stage like Machel. At the same time my toes bent back in a very awkward position and my butt and my knee hit the ground..hard!!! Yeah I buss my ass in my own house!! But can I tell you, as I was going down my Carnival flashed before my eyes. Not my life Carnival! All I could think about was that if I break my foot I can't play mas.So much ice went on that foot one time!!!

Allyuh could laugh but when I say I live from Carnival to Carnival..I serious!! They have people who say , "I hope before I die I can visit Africa" or "I want to be able to buy a BMW before I retire". Not me. I just hoping to make it to next year Carnival.And in this day and age, the way people acting up in Trinidad....that is not a sure thing. As I have my daily near death experiences driving on the roads of our blessed country...I does really tell myself...'Nobody better bounce my car and mash me up before the Carnival'. When I come home late its "Nobody better rob me before Carnival", when I go party its "Nobody better fight and trample/stab/shoot me in this dance before Carnival". Worse yet..all them all inclusive...yeah whether I pay my money or not..I REAL careful with what I eat cause yuh eh want food poisoning for Carnival. (I learnt that the hard way but thats a story for Bacchanal Wed)

My Carnival does just give me strength to get me past the forces during the rest of the year. When I'm down, I does check the calender to see how far away Carnival is.I'm sure coming closer to Carnival my slight paranoia will increase. Next thing you know I go want to just stay home Carnival weekend just so I could reduce the risk of getting myself in trouble and messing up my Carnival.


saucydiva said...

let me tell you 2 stories that will add to your Carnival paranoia.

About 6 or 7 years ago my friend and I had already collected out costumes from Harts, ready to play mas when the weekend before Carnival (Jamboree Sunday) my girl gone riding a bike and broke her ass coming down a hill. She busted up her forehead, had to get stitches all kind of thing and she is a "trini white" so her face and arms were bruised up so badly you swore she was in a car accident. She ended up not playing mas and we both sold out costumes that year.

Second story is just before Christmas a co-worker of mine and avid mas player missed a step off the pavement and broke her foot under where the toes are. Man, the first thing she told me when she hobbled in on crutches the next week was that she is still playing mas!! LOL. She took some sick leave to heal and rest up and would you believe she registered for her costume while she was in the cast!! Now the cast is off and she is doing theraphy to be able to play mas.

Madness I tell you!!

squeezle said...

I knew I wasn't the only one engaging in that insane pre-Carnival paranoia. These days, I'm extra careful crossing the street, going up or down stairs, handling sharp objects - you name it, everything is an injury waiting to happen. Lord help me if it snows, the ten minute walk to my train takes me an agonizing half an hour, fus ah fraid ah slip on some stray invisible patch of ice! And the closer Carnival gets, the more paranoid I become.

So believe me, I know exactly how your feel. And I know we are not alone!

Carnival Jumbie (Diva) said...

yuh see!!We all have to watch we take we vitamins! Could you imagine getting fever and cold sweat carnival sunday ?? boy I giving allyuh thats tory just now...

buublenut said...

I hear you girl - last week I almost take a fall walking down the steps of my girls building in heals because the landlord don't know how to shovel snow and it turn to ice. Let me tell you how all I thought about when I catch myself was oh gosh if I hurt myself before I reach Trinidad!!!

I also have this nightmare where I sleep through J'Ouvert - I would not forgive myself it would be instant 2008 ticket purchase for me there!!!

sweettrini said...

Diva ah feelin yuh girl!! De paranoia now affecting meh workout too!! If yuh see meh on the elliptical and when ah TurboJammin', ah does be steppin careful careful. And Bubble, gyul last year, ah wake up with tears on my face from a horrid nightmare. I dreamt I overslep and missed Carnival Tuesday. In my dream, I woke up at 6pm and everything was winding down. I was rushing to dress and I look out the window and there were street sweepers cleaning the street (like after the Labor Day parade in NY!!) and inmy rush, I ripped the bra top of my costume in half !! I busted out crying, saw the answering machine light blinking and it was my whole crew of friends asking where I am. I woke up then and chile there were tears on my face. I had been crying in my sleep. Ah feelin to cry now just remembering dat dream. Hmphh!! Steups - not me and dat eh.

Jamette said...

buhwhadeass I post a whole comment on how i was actually ENE the hospital yesterday and like it gone. Steups.