Monday, January 29, 2007

Blue Range All inclusive

Well I must say it was well worth my while to make a turn in the Blue Range. I'm very glad that I resisted all chain up to go Gal Farm and possibly get shot/stabbed. It was definitely one of the most reasonable fetes for the season. The jump off started promptly at 9pm and shortly thereafter the entertainment was started. There was no live band but their was a multitude of artists to accomodate for it. Crazy kicked off the session folllowed by , Ziggy Rankin, Mr. Slaughter, Iwer George and Shurwayne Winchester. I wer really mash up that fete by taking requests from the audience and singing several of his older tunes.

My pics came out kind of whack so I 'm not going to bother to post them, like my flash acting up. But there was quite a selection of finger food that lasted well throughout the night. It had mini roti, jerk chicken (with festival), burgers, TWO bake and shark man, fresh express (which was suspiciously unpatronised for all the ppl that SHOULD be dieting), Geera pork (with roti) and of course Doubles (which was besst). The geera pork was more pepper than geera and that kinda turn me off but everything else was pretty good. I almost dead when I get a bake and shark and open it up to dress it to find:
  • ONE piece of pineapple
  • ONE piece of tomato
  • ONE piece of lettuce
  • ONE piece of cucumber

LOLOL Basically saying, for all of allyuh who want to take ALLL the pineapple and ALLL the cucumber, you needs to cool it. Yuh could take as much shadon beni, garlic sauce and ketchup as you want.It tasted damn good though.

There were a few promotional booths....Sobieski Vodka, Close up and of suprising the Air Too Ppl were in The Heineken tent doing free tattoos all night. Needless to say the line NEVER went down, I did not even bother to venture.

The bar had Johnny Walker all night (buh no red bull) but they get props for having it all night. I did not gettoo much trouble to get a drink. I started wondering if they had watered downteh scotch cause I had about six with coconut water and was dead sober. If it had been red bull I would surely have been drunk on my ass. So I dunno if I become a big drinker overnight or if it was water dong or if its just the chaser ease me up.

I think the music could have been better, it was good but not great. Most ppl seemed too intoxicated to even notice so I guess its neither here nor there. The party went a little past its advertised time of 3pm till about 3:30pm. Most likely they get a bligh cause the supposedly had the noise level turned down at 2pm (not that I could detect it or that anyone cared at that point). There was even a rhythem section to carry we home an they did not lock off till nearly 4am.

So overall it was a good deal for your buck.The vibe was nice. Better yet if you got a combo ticket for the All Inclusive and the Cooler Fete (Two fetes for $380). I kinda prefer the finger foods to the plates plus cutlery where you HAVE to sit down to eat. I still have not decided if I will be in the Cooler fete, lots of new parties seem to be springing up as we draw closer. I am actually contemplating not going Beachhouse (after all the plug I plug). It really starting to make less and less sense to me when I think about the cost..sigh. I will go if all my friends are still going I suppose but I will be vex to pay that money!

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saucydiva said...

Blue Range could benefit from a live band, but other than that it is a cool lime.

I can imagine how many people will be sporting air tattoos now for Carnival!!