Sunday, December 31, 2006

FED UP is right!!

So I gone in the IP against my will last night. I really was not feeling the vibe as I liming whole week. Well from the time we heading down Chagaramas I telling my friend that the party looking like it buss. No traffic on the stretch and I get an unbelivable park a hop and a jump from the entrance of the party.Doh mine we reach after 1am.(stickers nah) So we head in the dance which was suspiciously clear at the door. I must give it to IP, when they have a theme , they go all out to stick with it.

FYI The theme of the party was BWEE(plane fun haha) I guess to commemorate the closing of the airline. The ticket for the party was a replica of a BWEE Ticket, full folder jacket and all.When you walking in it had air traffic controllers. Oh doh min dthe party was in the Aeronautical museum carpark next to a full size BWEE 747(737?). When I pass the 'random body searches' a girl ask me if "I will be waving tonight'. I say well I hope so....I almost dead when she give me an original Bwee first class head rest cover, velcro and all on it.Them is the flag to wave. HOW IP organise to get that and WHO think of that I must applaud. I almost dead again when I see the ticket collection stand is a full size reservation desk.The pary had a good crowd, most acting stoosh and ppl only checking out what yuh have on.So it did not buss and the music was sounding really good.(Big up High Fidelity for another great Mixed CD for the night) NAH!Well done for theme but now I had to cuss.....

My friend and I head for the bar one time.So the ticket was $120 and you getting 2 for 1 drinks. In the past I have always rated this party as one where even though you pay for 2 for 1,you get a good drink so I never complain. One party where I always end up tight at some point in the night. So at the bar the sign saying 2 for 1 Johnny Walker...$50. WHAT!!!! STEUPS!!! Is best I go ZEN.Usually its 2 for $40.How that price doing me a favour?? So I tell the man give me a Johnny and red bull. The man telling me I had to pay separate for the red bull. Buh hear why nah..cause its not a "chaser" and its sold as a separate drink. So I say so what is a "Coke?". He telling me a cokes is a chaser. LOLOL. Yuh know I had to ask the man if he is ah ass, a COCA-COLA IS NOT A DRINK PPL. IT IS A CHASER!!

So I eh really walk with no set of money cause as a woman we know that my man or somebody else man always willing to buy me a drink. So I say, first drink of night, let me cool it and take a Johnny and cocnut water instead. Yuh know the barman is to tell me I have to PAY for coconut water to go with the Johnny. THEN continues to say that I will also have to pay for Cranberry juice or Orange juice if I want it. Yuh know I watch the man with a straight face and ask him if he f$@!)$# mad. I buying premium drinks and they want to charge me separate for everything? I hearing a next woman quarrelling on my next side for similar shit. So I bully the barman usuing my feminine wiles and he ended up giving me a extra red bull for my trouble. The Johnny came in two little cups. Buh since I mixing drinks I tell the man that obviously I need a big cup. Yuh know the man watch me and tell me $2 for a big cup. WTF!!!!! Well with that one i get more cross. Eventually I gangsta him for the big cup too.

So when round number 2 reach my friend gone in a different bar near to where we was liming. I still had red bull so she just order the Johnny. Yuh know the man give me ONE Cup and say thats $50. Well she know I is the right person to sort he out. I fix he one time and tell him he better bring my next drink for me here.I gangsta him too and get the next drink. A few minutes later my next friend gone for Baileys. I had warn her before she went how they was robbing ppl. Yuh know she come back with a SAUCER with ice and baileys? A saucer I say yuh know, cause I find it was to shallow to be called a glass. I thinking her hand covering the rest of the glass (like them little plastic wine glass). NAH the whole glass is less than a half inch high and the circumference of a beer bottle.Like if is a stinkin free sample they giving away. And is ONE she get too.She and she man eh want to make a scene..i tell her well thats she, I was pelting that back behind the man.

Well who tell Marlon to come ask me how I find the party going. I lay it on him real good. He not even believe what I telling him. He call up one of the next committee members and tell him the scene. Well he get more vex when I tell him they want to charge for cocnut water. He want me to point out where and who telling me that bullshit. Well I tell him and he insisted that I come with him back to the bar.Well yuh know I figure I might get something out of this. Well I must give it to IP , they really made an effort to fix the situation. The bar supervisior get REAL rough up.The man want to give excuse about his team doing the right thing and the next bar team (although is the same company) running with a next supervisior. Well IP put that in he place for that shit excuse and call head supervisor and best believe I leave with two free Johnny and a free big glass. I tell the bar supervisor after that is not that I was pulling rank (cause I really did not expect Marlon to take action so promptly on my comments) but I pay my money too, I eh get no comp to come inside here and they taking advantage of ppl. Best believ I did not have any problems at the bar for the rest of the night.

The only thing perplexing about the party was that they play REAL Machel whole night. Now I loe, my Machel (tunes that is) and I hype for Carnival..but I swear they play almost everything he ever sing and most was back to back.I eh know if its cause Machel was in the dance and High Fidelity is a groupie too buh it was a bit excessive.But in all I had a nice time ans the time flew. I reach home at a ridiculous hour (sober) but generally it was good.

So I resting up for the 51 later..we go see how that comes off

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Ducking frunk on Old Years.

So it's time to study what we doing for the old year's. I eh know about allyuh but the Carnival Diet went out the window with Christmas...I most likely will be in the 51 for Black Velvet's party called Shine. Did that last year and had a long as I get champagne whole night I real good. In light of that , It was ironic that I would get this email this morning from my ppl at South Beach Diet about the dangers of champagne! FYI is the article....

Champagne on the Beach

If you like to ring in the New Year with a bit of bubbly, consider this advice: Different types of champagne have different amounts of sugar, so it's important to know how to find a South Beach Diet®-friendly option. Extra brut is the best choice but brut and extra-dry varieties have only a small amount of added sugar and are, therefore, acceptable second choices.

Just make sure you drink with a meal or immediately following one, since food will help slow the absorption of alcohol into your bloodstream — and keep your blood sugar levels steadier (which keeps cravings at bay). After your New Year's celebration, remember that on the occasions when you do drink, Dr. Agatston advises sticking to one or two glasses of alcohol that day (beginning in Phase 2).

Once you've selected your champagne, try this festive Phase 2 champagne punch recipe:

New Year's Champagne Punch
Makes 18 one-cup servings of punch
Ingredients1 package sugar-free ruby red grapefruit drink mix 8 cups cold water 1 teaspoon sugar-free orange drink mix 2 bottles of extra brut, brut, or extra-dry champagne1 liter club soda
InstructionsFollowing the directions on the package, combine 8 cups of water with the appropriate amount of sugar-free ruby red grapefruit drink mix. Add all the other ingredients except champagne. Chill well. Pour into punch bowl and add champagne. Happy New Year!

Nutritional Information:
60 calories
0 g protein
3 g carbohydrate
0 g fiber0 g fat
0 g Cholesterol
7 mg sodium

For those who don't like champagne ..they also sent me this ...

Alcohols that are OK alone or in mixed drinks:
Vodka, Rum, Gin, Whiskey, Scotch, Bourbon, Tequila, Wine
Note: Replace sweetened mixers and sodas with their sugar-free counterparts.

Alcohols that are OK with some modifications:
Eggnog — Replace cream with skim milk or fat-free half-and-half and sugar with artificial sweetener.
Champagne — Enjoy a glass or two of the extra-brut variety over the holidays.
Christmas Punch — Make with sugar-free powdered drink mixes and extra-brut champagne.
Alcohols that should generally be avoided:
Dessert Wines, Flavored Liqueurs, Wine Coolers

Note: If you choose to drink, drink in moderation and make sure you do so during or right after a meal, since a stomach full of food will slow the absorption of alcohol into your bloodstream — and keep your blood-sugar levels steadier.

So enjoy yourselves tomorrow where ever you break in the new year. And for God sakes have a designated driver , I don't need to see anymore pics of horrific accidents in my email .(Did you guys get that email from the Trincity accident?? GROSS!)

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Back in Business

Yeah yeah, i know I was kinda MIA for a while there. For reasons beyond my control...I was real sick and eh catch myself up to now. And I had real ting to write about too..buh I just did not have the energy. So my commentary here go be a bit abbreviated....anyhow....

So report on Machel in Zen two weeks ago...He mash up as usual. That man know how to vibes up a place. And he gave the crowd a teaser of the new tunes for 2007. The crowd just wanted more. I real wine in the Zen yes. Doh mind they nearly set him on fire with some fireworks on stage. That would have be the end of dat yes! I should point out that one of his new tunes is entitled 'Jumbie'...sigh ..I'm so honoured to have a tune penned after me lololol. I not going to hash on this event too much as he was there last night again to release the new tunes and i did not go so I eh know what went dong.

So Children of the 80s was real kicks as usual. I was in full 80s kit. My friends wanted to dead when they see how I pull up. The greatest thing for the night had to be Wadiki (notorious for his get ups) who came to the dance in a Super Grover costume and did a dive into the crowd. The man end up giving himself a buss eye. I almost dead. I did not leave that party till 7am . For the most part ppl had a good time. One complaint..the VIP was non existant.Yes it had a VIP section ..but if nobody checking who going in and out between VIP and the regular admission..whats the point???

So the Carnival start and we ready to roll is real jumbie ting going on from here.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Children of the 80s

Ok Here's a shameless plug. Children of the 80s this Saturday at the national stadium. I telling allyuh this party is the most kicks and real vibes. You can visit the tuck shop, play some games in the arcade and tin pan alley or just dress in your 80s attire to win big prizes. Tickets are selling fast. This is going to be a big bram so if you a little uptown there is also a VIP section (principal office's) for $100, regular started at $80. Tickets at Flam Couture on Ariapita Ave or RED 96.7 on Rust St , St. Clair check for more info/ ticket locations.

Watch nah, I coming fully kit out this year....I eh make up my mind yet but the acid wash and the lambada tights lay out already! I still maintain that this party was my idea! I love the 80s !

Wednesday, December 13, 2006


STEEEEUPSSSS! Why allyuh excited? Why allyuh getting on like the government doing we a favour by 'leaving' Panorama semi finals in the Savannah? They eh leaving shit. Like allyuh forget that Panorama has been in the Queen's Park Savannah since time immemorial ? By putting finals in South they still moving it!!! They give ppl ah end and ppl getting on like is manna from heaven. STEUPSSS. Yuh still can't play mas in the Savannah dammit!!

I sorry, Them telling me I getting a East stand and a West stand to see semis not doing anything to console me. In fact, it only pissing me off MORE. Well geniuses, if they so bold face to say they 'building' these 'extra' stands does it not stand to REASON that they was not doing any blasted construction there to begin with???!!!UMMMM has that not been the argument all along as to why they can't have the parade of bands in the Savannah. Joan (Yuille-Williams) just give allyuh one big meggie. To combat this, I am issuing a supreme emergency meggieforce( see BIG pic above)!! What is a meggieforce? That is the counter attack when someone gives you a meggie. A meggieforce repels meggies. The Guardian does issue 'Golden Meggies' every year and I SURE she in line for one. But nah, she getting a meggie force from me to tell she to hull she mudder so and so with that consolation prize.I not taking that!
If they could build stands STILL at this late stage..Is the same damn way they could build the damn stage .Why we can't go and wine same way? Oh so I supposed to say thanks to Joan for letting me wine for semis ? Who the hell want to go in the stinking East and West stands?? That is any lime ? Everybody go be in the same blasted north/Grand stand same way. Is only if one of them huge pan sides like TSTT come hot and sweaty and decide East stand is 'TSTT stand' could that idea possibly make. I mean , is not like I did not know from long time that nothing was going and get build in the Savannah anytime soon. I have inside info, I know the contracts for the Carnival Center have not even been awarded yet so I know Joan was talking out she bottom from day one. But this woman playing with mine (and the countries') emotions! This whole drama have a calypso in it. I should write one and sing it for Calypso Monarch in the damn Savannah.
If the rest of allyuh taking that chain up go right ahead. She had to come better than that!

Monday, December 11, 2006

Fashion Police(Whatcha gonna do when they come for you!)

Sigh, Yuh know I doh know if it is that some people doh have a mirror in their house or what. As we all know with the introduction of stores like Jebelle and Hot Fudge etc, Trini has been up to the times in terms of fashions.No longer is it the privelged few who can pay to fly out and shop that have current styles as they buss' in the style magazines.

Now I have always been a fashion diva. Its probably the main reason my friends call me Diva.I maintain my subscriptions to Vogue and Cosmo .And although I have not always been able to afford the best designers and I still only own a few designer items, I try to maintain a tasteful and fashionable wardrobe on a budget. Cause if its one thing about always have someone doing a knock off. My friends would lik eto think I am there personal consultant and some refuse to buy anything until they pass it by me. Now I don't think this makes me an authority cause I eh get my degree in Fashion but I eh letting nobody go down the road looking chupid. There is however certain fashion do and don'ts that are universal and just plain COMMON SENSE. One thing that upsets me about a lot of ppl is that they tend to buy clothes that does not suit their body. Whether yuh is a mampee or a stick figure, doh wear things that not in your size/not make for your body type.

I was most distressed while watching Triniscene (big up the Crew,Kasey etc) today which I rarely visit and took a look at the 'Tempo Turns one'. Galleries. I just grimaced at first but as I moved along I felt COMPELLED to address some of the crimes I saw....Now I myself have had my bad days (in my youth) but I try my best so that if I can't be with teh new style, I at least look NORMAL. Nothing wrong with a nice top, a pair of jeans and some heels. Now I warning allyuh, I not trying to embarrass nobody or make fun of ppl I doh like. I doing a public service and since all these ppl felt they were looking great to begin with as well pose off and their pics are publically available on trinicscene..I eh hiding no faces. All inclusive coming up and just doh let this be you ..PLEASE.

Crime# 1 & 2

My girl in the pic on the left in the is BEYOND me why she would put on a halter top with a regular bra.There are so many devices created to address this. Umm....a STRAPLESS bra?? pasties, adhesive bras, silicone bras,duct tape...ANYTHING but this. I have been in a bind before where i needed some more push up than what my strapless had and used a regular bra. But all I had to do was tuck in the straps and Voila! instant strapless. She spoil the top and the outfit which would have looked just fine if she had done the right thing.

Again on the right, Bra issues. I find the top real nice but yet she ruined it with a black bra peeking through the front.Note, If yuh bra have bows in the cleavage, its not meant to wear outside. I dunno if the top was just too small or she wanted to be too sexy and eh tie it properly.Any how you take it she should have used pasties or silicone inserts that have no cross piece in the middle. Would have been much more flattering.

Crime # 3: The good, the bad and the ugly.

I doh think its too hard to say which is which( and is only outfit I referring too eh).I shall still elaborate.Exactly what my girl on the far left was going for?To me, once you have a print you need to work everything else in the outfit around that. So lets assume she was going for the scottish themed kit. She might have even get away with them leggings. But whats up with the sequined bustier?? Just cause it red and it have red in the bottom doh mean it match!!Its looks like she has on one outfit on her upper body and another below. All she had to do was put on a plain white top and she just might have pull it off. Nothing wrong with taking risks but geeese...I seriously did a double take cause I thought she was wearing the Jamettte section bra from Tribe and then realised that did not make sense as it is pre carnival..but if I was going and storm jamette section I would have take a borrow.I should send this pic to Tribe and show them what they SHOULD have got for the bustier with the issues they having now.(I refer you to Saucy's blog for that story).I want to believe she not wearing pink eye shadow too.

So her friend in the middle matching nicely, even accessorised but unfortunately hoochie is on its way out. Unless of course you dance on table tops regularly. Maybe I getting old...but I have always had a fashion rule...short top,long bottom...long top,short bottom. Very rarely is any other combination acceptable. She young, I will let her slide. Lets give a round of applause to the friend on the far right who is the saving grace of this squad. Simple, tastefull and accessorised. Flowy top well balanced with the capris. She needs to give her friends some consultation.

Crime # 4

So on the right we have bes' Winer Sherone Providence dancing as backup for Allison Hinds. I will rate her, she cold real throw waist but they need to hang their costume designer up high. I hope for her sake, she was not the designer.... Ok so she have a bikini scene. scene..she is a dancer. What is that bottom piece exactly?? It look like a irridescent velvet diaper. No shape, no structure. Just four big ,ugly flaps. It not even sexy. Girl, is best you had keep on your pom pom shorts.

Crime #5

Like he and Sherone have the same designer. NAH! If my man was to leave the house with that top he could not speak to me. We would have to re evaluate our relationship. Its stretch brown velvet on a man. Sigh. His one saving grace is the model next to him. If I was her I would be embarrassed. Notice!!! She is not wearing an ugly black bra through the sexy dress!!Thank you Jesus!

Crime #5

Well bad bad bras seem to be the overwhelming problem in Trini.My girl in the middle..Ok so if you going out on a limb with the sexy cut out top why kill it with a black bra? Wonderful world have all kinda colour bra..If you doh have a pink bra , doh buy a pink see through/cut out top. I really hope her other two friends are twins cause they wearing the same outfit. If you are not twins, and you not doing a promotion for a company (alcohol, cigarettes etc) then its not cute to go the party in the same outfit unless is Panorama or the top has information explaining the whole point of wearing the same thing( i.e crew name/occasion.)

On Probation:

I glad she wearing prison stripes cause Patrice is OFFICIALLY on probation with the fashion police. Like she get a new stylist who making custom outfits for her.I first caught a glimpse of this in her performance last week in Zen and I raised some eyebrows. Right now she is bringing back bad memories of Faye Ann last season. I witnessed close up Faye Ann's barely there band aid of sequins she used for her soca monarch performance in which breasts was fallin out. Patrice seems to be going down that road or even down the road of Destra who was voted my worst dressed soca artiste of 2006. Ok its a costume, but its makes no sense to try to be over sexy when the garment is obviously poorly made. Why is the front bunching up like that? Is it red or orange?Cause I doh want to feel she put on red boots and the belt and the rest of the outfit orange.

And finally to offset all this bad lets give the following a round of applause.....

Anuskha , one of the Tempo VJs in a lovely number. My vote as best dressed for the night. She had the hairdo , the body everything to pull this off.Did she wear a nasty black bra ??noooooo!Check out the front view as well. She win with this kit.

So don't be a fashion crime..I will be watching you!!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Bringing Sexy Back

Sigh, so the Victoria's Secret Fashion show is on as I speak and all I can say is "SIGH". I have long determined that Victoria's Secret is secretly plotting against me. Well it is no secret (no pun intended) that although I am a shopaholic in general, I also have a Lingerie fetish (say it like lin-gerr-ree). I have to say fetish because it is honestly the only thing I buy both impusively and compusively. At this very moment I am typing this post in an effort to resist the almost uncontrollable urge to go onto their website and purchase lots of stuff.Justin Timberlake just hype up the show with "Sexy back'. I loooove that song.It's so Diva, so me lolol.I swear, If I ever became and international model I would want nothing else but to be a VS model. No Vogue, No Cosmo, jus VS and I could retire.

Aside from the fact that I believe Adriana Lima (see pic) , one of the VS Angels, is one of the most beautiful people in the word, I also think she has one of the best bodies. Its kinda depressing cause my carnival diet went wining out the window with my trip to Jamaica and I have not been able to get back on the horse up to now. I actually bought a big tub of haagen daz strawberry cheesecake ice cream and ate all by myself the other day. Right now I am kinda guilty I started on a tub of Chunky Monkey by Ben&Jerry's. I gave myself until the beginning of December to be my cutoff point where I absolutely, postively had to have started my healthy eating/exercise program. Yeah right! The fact that they have been renovating my kitchen for the past month is my number one excuse as to why I have not been eating properly. Ironically, although I have been eating KFC 4-5 times a week, I have actually lost some weight.More because I have been working such long hours that the KFC might be the ONLY thing I eat for the day.I have good intentions..if I really tried I could actually have a body like Adrianna in a month and a half, but I REAL lazy. Trying to grow some breasts might be a bit more challenging.

So back to the conspiracy!I say they have been plotting against me since I first left to go to school abroad.As you may or may not know, if you don't have residency in the U.S you don't have a social security number and hence you have no credit rating. Now I had a S.S number by the provision that I had an on campus job. This number, although valid, causes problems when attempting to get some credit cards.Do you think it caused problems at V.S???Nooooooooo. So that is where it all began.. V.S issued me a store card and from there I went berserk. Now I bought a hell of a lot of lingerie. But don't get me wrong I did not abuse it. It was in fact the ONLY bill I ALWAYS paid on time.

Problem was...every time I went in the store I saw something I HAD to have and inevitably bought it at some point.You know those V-Strings??WELL. I was there when it first launched. The first design of the V-string (before it was 5/$25) was a hot lace number that came in this fancy box with just one drawers in it. A cool $40 US. Yep bought it. Doh talk for the "semi-annual sale' which I SURE happens one too many times per year. I buying full kit too, every bra have to have the matching drawers.It got so bad that at one point I went into the store looking for something to buy. The attendant asked if she could help me and I told her I want to buy something. She pointed out some stuff to me , told her nope got that. Something else, nope got that. Then IN HORROR I realised I literally had one of everything in the store.
So I tried to cut back. What does Victoria Secret do?? They send me a GOLD card for being such a great customer. NOOOOOOOO!So I come back home and I still get emails telling me about all their good stuff. You would think they would stop sending me catalogues as I out the country..NOOOOOOO they send it to my Trini address. Is only cause some asshole in TTPOST tiefing them half the time I doh always see them. So I manage to zero out the balance on the card....what do they do they DOUBLE my limit. As it is , I can go and buy nearly a grand US worth of drawers. So I resist the temptation, I resist the free drawers they sending me in the mail. What do they do...send me a next VIP card which is supposedly like the Gold card but better.
My friends and family being fully aware of my obsession feed my addiction by giving me drawers everytime they make a turn in the U.S. I actually have a big bag in my cupboard with all brand new drawers stockpile( as i doh get to go as often). Recently I sent the b/f on a mission to get me one of those 'Very Sexy' bras. Those bras are undeniably the greatest creation on this planet. With one of those bras...I can actually look like Ms. Lima in that pic. It doh have no set of padding or anything, I doh know how they do it , I feel is obeah. So boo boo bear calls me and says, "The bra you want is $50???!!!!" (insert me whistling). I get one big steups..he still buy it though lolol! Awww such a nice b/f.Ironically he does not like the damn bra.More ironically I don't even wear most of the fancier stuff unless its a very special occasion or we on a trip somewhere.
I hate to think what goes through my exs head.Ok I lie, I know what goes through their head and I know its driving them crazy to know that all them best kit modelling for a next man lololol. Unfortunate! Cry me a river.Shoulda thought of that before you went behind the next bitch lolol!
So I'm trying all how to control myself. I banned myself from buying until 2007. The fact that you can buy online with that same lovely card does not help matters. But hey month to go until I splurge again!!
So the show has somewhat given me some more motivation to really do something constructive with myself and start afresh tomorrow. Eat better and exercise (but I telling allyuh now, I not giving up my mother pastelles.. ) I go be sure to be I looking hot in the new lingereee.So from tomorrow I'll be bringing sexy back!
P.s TTPOST stop tiefin my catalogues!!!

Friday, December 01, 2006

Robocop in Sando Part 2

If is one thing that concerns me about Trinidad is how backward our judicial system is. So we have all this hoorah now about the CJ (Chief justice not Carnival Jumbie) and some talking about is a land mark decision blah blah blah. Yuh know before they light that fire, why they did not study to deal with the smaller issues that just doh make any logical sense.

So allyuh know I went South two weeks ago and get a ticket from a big belly police for simply 'looking' like I wanted to go down a one way street. I make my boss give me the $200 cause is their things I went to do and I was not wrong anyway.What I could never understand is why is it so absolutely necessary for me to pay the ticket in SOUTH just because it happen in SOUTH. Again, If I could not find my way around town and get a the ASS i finding the courthouse to pay it.

I had a next meeting down there yesterday, so I say right, I going and deal with this shit one time. My mom was going and make the turn to take in the Gulf City Mall but duck me last minute. I leave early and went down there. Well I made sure and walk with my personal GPS system by the name of Tisha who I had on speed dial the whole way down. She gave me excellent directions and I found the courthouse without much problem. Parking was a bitch but a next (pleasant) plainsclothes policeman direct me where was the best place. I could not handle getting wrecked.So i reach in the place at 11:35 am. Well feel I right on time cause they close for lunch at 12:00. Well how about when I reach inside the guard telling me about "Cash closed for the day".

Well, boy ,yuh know I get mad one time. She telling me that its month end so they have to balance. You see how governmnet workers spoilt?? I use to work as a cashier and when month end balancing come we still have to work till 4 and stay after hours till as long as it take to settle up.I pointed out to the guard that it was not yet 12 for anybody to close for lunch for the day. She telling me , well the sign say they closing 11:45pm. I was like ok but its not 11:45 either. Telling me about come back tomorrow. So I vex but I had the meeting still so is not like I wasted a trip down south. I figure I would come back the next week and do it all over again.

So I driving like a pro in the south land and head to my meeting. Well I had some time to kill so I stop in the Gulf City to see what they have cause I never really shop there before. When time come I head over to my meeting. I meet everybody in the conference room and I sit down, but I eh study it cause I know I not late. When I look cross I see roti paper crumple up (cause we get lunch) and I telling myself buh they mash up the roti already boy? Well Then I hear a man saying," Well next week we will talk about so and so.." I say NAH. Meeting done? Yeah they change the meeting to 9am and nobody email/call to tell me that. So now I maaad. Well i well rough them up about respecting ppl time and ride out back to town.

So I just happen to be talking to a friend today and telling them about how ridiculous the situation with the ticket was getting. So he ask me till when I have to pay. When I look good I see it say 14 DAYS to pay and not the 14TH DEC like the asshole police man had TELL me. So if yuh do the maths it would seem that yesterday was the LAST DAY for me to pay the ticket. But is 14 business days?Or 14 calender days? It doh say so how I supposed to know? Nobody I ask seemed to know. Since I pass the deadline it means I have to appear in court in Feb next year !!Who have time to deal with that shit? To have to drive my ass to south, wait for case to call that might be before or after lunch and then have it put off 10 times cause big belly not around??Nah! I try and call my lawyer to see what is the scene and could not get on to him (good thing I eh get lock up.)

With my boldfaced self I call the transport division in South and explain to Sgt. Mohammed the situation. He say he not sure if they would let me pay after the due date, it usually depends on whether I get a asshole behind the counter or not. So he asks me what it is I do so to get the ticket. When I give him the story he say "Nah man, the fellas doh use their descretion at all, they should never have give you that ticket." So I not a crazy woman, is just that I was saying all the time. This officer never set eyes on me or know me from Adam and just by what I say he find it was uncalled for. He put me on to a next super intendant who would be able to advise me as to my method of recourse. Well the super was not in but the officer who was basically told me the same thing (inlcuding that the ticket was shit). He put me on to the court itself. When I call teh court and tell them how I tried to pay the day before and get run she say she would find out some info for me. Well she come back and say the boss 'send' to tell me that I could come today before 3 pm and she will accept it as they close early day before. I cyar come Monday as I will have to go to court at that point. So, fine I resolved myself to having to go South again today. I tell the girl doh make me come down there and when I reach some ass telling me 'I eh know nothing about dat!"

I duck out the office and zoom dong the road. Reach in the southland like a pro cause now I know where I going. How about I had to sit in my car for half hour cause is still lunch time. Yuh know when I one to pay the ticket the girl eh even check the date to see if the deadline was passed.She eh ask me nuttin. I glad eh but after all that 'come now or else' not even a eyelid blink. A set of paper she have to flip through to find the carbon copy of my ticket in a big pile . I guess that is why yuh can't pay it in town cause the system so backward. So i organise to pay, run ouside before my car get wreck and zoom back up the road in 2-2's .I basically did nothing in work for the whole day.

So ticket pay but I WANT them to send warrant for me saying I eh paythe ticket cause they go get a sweet lawsuit in they ass.