Friday, December 01, 2006

Robocop in Sando Part 2

If is one thing that concerns me about Trinidad is how backward our judicial system is. So we have all this hoorah now about the CJ (Chief justice not Carnival Jumbie) and some talking about is a land mark decision blah blah blah. Yuh know before they light that fire, why they did not study to deal with the smaller issues that just doh make any logical sense.

So allyuh know I went South two weeks ago and get a ticket from a big belly police for simply 'looking' like I wanted to go down a one way street. I make my boss give me the $200 cause is their things I went to do and I was not wrong anyway.What I could never understand is why is it so absolutely necessary for me to pay the ticket in SOUTH just because it happen in SOUTH. Again, If I could not find my way around town and get a the ASS i finding the courthouse to pay it.

I had a next meeting down there yesterday, so I say right, I going and deal with this shit one time. My mom was going and make the turn to take in the Gulf City Mall but duck me last minute. I leave early and went down there. Well I made sure and walk with my personal GPS system by the name of Tisha who I had on speed dial the whole way down. She gave me excellent directions and I found the courthouse without much problem. Parking was a bitch but a next (pleasant) plainsclothes policeman direct me where was the best place. I could not handle getting wrecked.So i reach in the place at 11:35 am. Well feel I right on time cause they close for lunch at 12:00. Well how about when I reach inside the guard telling me about "Cash closed for the day".

Well, boy ,yuh know I get mad one time. She telling me that its month end so they have to balance. You see how governmnet workers spoilt?? I use to work as a cashier and when month end balancing come we still have to work till 4 and stay after hours till as long as it take to settle up.I pointed out to the guard that it was not yet 12 for anybody to close for lunch for the day. She telling me , well the sign say they closing 11:45pm. I was like ok but its not 11:45 either. Telling me about come back tomorrow. So I vex but I had the meeting still so is not like I wasted a trip down south. I figure I would come back the next week and do it all over again.

So I driving like a pro in the south land and head to my meeting. Well I had some time to kill so I stop in the Gulf City to see what they have cause I never really shop there before. When time come I head over to my meeting. I meet everybody in the conference room and I sit down, but I eh study it cause I know I not late. When I look cross I see roti paper crumple up (cause we get lunch) and I telling myself buh they mash up the roti already boy? Well Then I hear a man saying," Well next week we will talk about so and so.." I say NAH. Meeting done? Yeah they change the meeting to 9am and nobody email/call to tell me that. So now I maaad. Well i well rough them up about respecting ppl time and ride out back to town.

So I just happen to be talking to a friend today and telling them about how ridiculous the situation with the ticket was getting. So he ask me till when I have to pay. When I look good I see it say 14 DAYS to pay and not the 14TH DEC like the asshole police man had TELL me. So if yuh do the maths it would seem that yesterday was the LAST DAY for me to pay the ticket. But is 14 business days?Or 14 calender days? It doh say so how I supposed to know? Nobody I ask seemed to know. Since I pass the deadline it means I have to appear in court in Feb next year !!Who have time to deal with that shit? To have to drive my ass to south, wait for case to call that might be before or after lunch and then have it put off 10 times cause big belly not around??Nah! I try and call my lawyer to see what is the scene and could not get on to him (good thing I eh get lock up.)

With my boldfaced self I call the transport division in South and explain to Sgt. Mohammed the situation. He say he not sure if they would let me pay after the due date, it usually depends on whether I get a asshole behind the counter or not. So he asks me what it is I do so to get the ticket. When I give him the story he say "Nah man, the fellas doh use their descretion at all, they should never have give you that ticket." So I not a crazy woman, is just that I was saying all the time. This officer never set eyes on me or know me from Adam and just by what I say he find it was uncalled for. He put me on to a next super intendant who would be able to advise me as to my method of recourse. Well the super was not in but the officer who was basically told me the same thing (inlcuding that the ticket was shit). He put me on to the court itself. When I call teh court and tell them how I tried to pay the day before and get run she say she would find out some info for me. Well she come back and say the boss 'send' to tell me that I could come today before 3 pm and she will accept it as they close early day before. I cyar come Monday as I will have to go to court at that point. So, fine I resolved myself to having to go South again today. I tell the girl doh make me come down there and when I reach some ass telling me 'I eh know nothing about dat!"

I duck out the office and zoom dong the road. Reach in the southland like a pro cause now I know where I going. How about I had to sit in my car for half hour cause is still lunch time. Yuh know when I one to pay the ticket the girl eh even check the date to see if the deadline was passed.She eh ask me nuttin. I glad eh but after all that 'come now or else' not even a eyelid blink. A set of paper she have to flip through to find the carbon copy of my ticket in a big pile . I guess that is why yuh can't pay it in town cause the system so backward. So i organise to pay, run ouside before my car get wreck and zoom back up the road in 2-2's .I basically did nothing in work for the whole day.

So ticket pay but I WANT them to send warrant for me saying I eh paythe ticket cause they go get a sweet lawsuit in they ass.


Jamette said...

Well I have a soap box in my car trunk for situations like this. But is usually me and de bank in this place. I have the numbers for so many bank managers/ supervisors that I does call and harass because is x amount of times i hadda be in the bank behaving like a true Jamette. I absolutely abhorrrrrr the bank. I hate having to stand in line, i hate having to ask questions that I find I should be able to click and see online, i hate, hate, hate when they start the 'what branch is your account in?' Is then i does say hold on, go outside and get the soap box and begin. How yuh mean home branch? I must go to my home branch to wtihdraw more than x amount of money. I must go to my home branch to change my mailing address, so in the mean time all my mail going to an old address because my home branch is located way too far away for me to be driving in traffic in the middle of any day for me to go and change.ah.address. Madness. I hadda go to the home branch to SIGN UP for the service that will allow me to call to hear my account information. I have to pay ORF a loan because i want to pay too much. what?what?what? Steups. I getting vex writing this.

Island Spice said...

HAHHAHA. I fraid a Sando. I went to Gulf City one time and when i see the madness junctions with 17 exit and no sign I swear same time I never going there alone. Congrats on getting it sorted in only 2 trips.

Carnival Jumbie (Diva) said...

jamette, i need a whole new post for that bank thing. Royal bank does have me cussing them every week.Completely incompetent customer service.
island spice...i telling yuh the only reason i make out is cause i was driving with the girl on teh line giving me step by step directions. Next key thing..AVOID that whole interchange completely. Everytime I pass it i say that things makes absolutely no sense!

Jamette said...

What de hell bank yuh tink ah was talking about...themself. And the only reason I haven't changed banks is because i doh want to deal with them AFTER having to deal with my payroll and the 8 mths it will take them to transfer my direct deposit to another bank. So i compile my little list of managers to call and give an earful so that they want to get me off the phone and never hear from me again.

Paul said...

Babe, if them issue a warrent for your arrest. You REALLY want the embarassment of them coming at your house or work place to arrest you? Then spending the night in a TRINI JAIL?? :| Any yuh know yuh cute too :P

Even though all of that will help secure your $4million suit for emotional distress, trauma, physical assault, and embarrassment, is it worth it??? =)

BTW, when u win, cud you by me a M3?? It could be roll on roll off, I aint checking... =)