Wednesday, December 13, 2006


STEEEEUPSSSS! Why allyuh excited? Why allyuh getting on like the government doing we a favour by 'leaving' Panorama semi finals in the Savannah? They eh leaving shit. Like allyuh forget that Panorama has been in the Queen's Park Savannah since time immemorial ? By putting finals in South they still moving it!!! They give ppl ah end and ppl getting on like is manna from heaven. STEUPSSS. Yuh still can't play mas in the Savannah dammit!!

I sorry, Them telling me I getting a East stand and a West stand to see semis not doing anything to console me. In fact, it only pissing me off MORE. Well geniuses, if they so bold face to say they 'building' these 'extra' stands does it not stand to REASON that they was not doing any blasted construction there to begin with???!!!UMMMM has that not been the argument all along as to why they can't have the parade of bands in the Savannah. Joan (Yuille-Williams) just give allyuh one big meggie. To combat this, I am issuing a supreme emergency meggieforce( see BIG pic above)!! What is a meggieforce? That is the counter attack when someone gives you a meggie. A meggieforce repels meggies. The Guardian does issue 'Golden Meggies' every year and I SURE she in line for one. But nah, she getting a meggie force from me to tell she to hull she mudder so and so with that consolation prize.I not taking that!
If they could build stands STILL at this late stage..Is the same damn way they could build the damn stage .Why we can't go and wine same way? Oh so I supposed to say thanks to Joan for letting me wine for semis ? Who the hell want to go in the stinking East and West stands?? That is any lime ? Everybody go be in the same blasted north/Grand stand same way. Is only if one of them huge pan sides like TSTT come hot and sweaty and decide East stand is 'TSTT stand' could that idea possibly make. I mean , is not like I did not know from long time that nothing was going and get build in the Savannah anytime soon. I have inside info, I know the contracts for the Carnival Center have not even been awarded yet so I know Joan was talking out she bottom from day one. But this woman playing with mine (and the countries') emotions! This whole drama have a calypso in it. I should write one and sing it for Calypso Monarch in the damn Savannah.
If the rest of allyuh taking that chain up go right ahead. She had to come better than that!

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Bagogyul said...

yes, ah big friggin meggie force...carnival in d' road and no stage...wah d' asssss is LaborDay!
Steuppps...this is Trinidad carnival..Right!