Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Bringing Sexy Back

Sigh, so the Victoria's Secret Fashion show is on as I speak and all I can say is "SIGH". I have long determined that Victoria's Secret is secretly plotting against me. Well it is no secret (no pun intended) that although I am a shopaholic in general, I also have a Lingerie fetish (say it like lin-gerr-ree). I have to say fetish because it is honestly the only thing I buy both impusively and compusively. At this very moment I am typing this post in an effort to resist the almost uncontrollable urge to go onto their website and purchase lots of stuff.Justin Timberlake just hype up the show with "Sexy back'. I loooove that song.It's so Diva, so me lolol.I swear, If I ever became and international model I would want nothing else but to be a VS model. No Vogue, No Cosmo, jus VS and I could retire.

Aside from the fact that I believe Adriana Lima (see pic) , one of the VS Angels, is one of the most beautiful people in the word, I also think she has one of the best bodies. Its kinda depressing cause my carnival diet went wining out the window with my trip to Jamaica and I have not been able to get back on the horse up to now. I actually bought a big tub of haagen daz strawberry cheesecake ice cream and ate all by myself the other day. Right now I am kinda guilty I started on a tub of Chunky Monkey by Ben&Jerry's. I gave myself until the beginning of December to be my cutoff point where I absolutely, postively had to have started my healthy eating/exercise program. Yeah right! The fact that they have been renovating my kitchen for the past month is my number one excuse as to why I have not been eating properly. Ironically, although I have been eating KFC 4-5 times a week, I have actually lost some weight.More because I have been working such long hours that the KFC might be the ONLY thing I eat for the day.I have good intentions..if I really tried I could actually have a body like Adrianna in a month and a half, but I REAL lazy. Trying to grow some breasts might be a bit more challenging.

So back to the conspiracy!I say they have been plotting against me since I first left to go to school abroad.As you may or may not know, if you don't have residency in the U.S you don't have a social security number and hence you have no credit rating. Now I had a S.S number by the provision that I had an on campus job. This number, although valid, causes problems when attempting to get some credit cards.Do you think it caused problems at V.S???Nooooooooo. So that is where it all began.. V.S issued me a store card and from there I went berserk. Now I bought a hell of a lot of lingerie. But don't get me wrong I did not abuse it. It was in fact the ONLY bill I ALWAYS paid on time.

Problem was...every time I went in the store I saw something I HAD to have and inevitably bought it at some point.You know those V-Strings??WELL. I was there when it first launched. The first design of the V-string (before it was 5/$25) was a hot lace number that came in this fancy box with just one drawers in it. A cool $40 US. Yep bought it. Doh talk for the "semi-annual sale' which I SURE happens one too many times per year. I buying full kit too, every bra have to have the matching drawers.It got so bad that at one point I went into the store looking for something to buy. The attendant asked if she could help me and I told her I want to buy something. She pointed out some stuff to me , told her nope got that. Something else, nope got that. Then IN HORROR I realised I literally had one of everything in the store.
So I tried to cut back. What does Victoria Secret do?? They send me a GOLD card for being such a great customer. NOOOOOOOO!So I come back home and I still get emails telling me about all their good stuff. You would think they would stop sending me catalogues as I out the country..NOOOOOOO they send it to my Trini address. Is only cause some asshole in TTPOST tiefing them half the time I doh always see them. So I manage to zero out the balance on the card....what do they do they DOUBLE my limit. As it is , I can go and buy nearly a grand US worth of drawers. So I resist the temptation, I resist the free drawers they sending me in the mail. What do they do...send me a next VIP card which is supposedly like the Gold card but better.
My friends and family being fully aware of my obsession feed my addiction by giving me drawers everytime they make a turn in the U.S. I actually have a big bag in my cupboard with all brand new drawers stockpile( as i doh get to go as often). Recently I sent the b/f on a mission to get me one of those 'Very Sexy' bras. Those bras are undeniably the greatest creation on this planet. With one of those bras...I can actually look like Ms. Lima in that pic. It doh have no set of padding or anything, I doh know how they do it , I feel is obeah. So boo boo bear calls me and says, "The bra you want is $50???!!!!" (insert me whistling). I get one big steups..he still buy it though lolol! Awww such a nice b/f.Ironically he does not like the damn bra.More ironically I don't even wear most of the fancier stuff unless its a very special occasion or we on a trip somewhere.
I hate to think what goes through my exs head.Ok I lie, I know what goes through their head and I know its driving them crazy to know that all them best kit modelling for a next man lololol. Unfortunate! Cry me a river.Shoulda thought of that before you went behind the next bitch lolol!
So I'm trying all how to control myself. I banned myself from buying until 2007. The fact that you can buy online with that same lovely card does not help matters. But hey ..one month to go until I splurge again!!
So the show has somewhat given me some more motivation to really do something constructive with myself and start afresh tomorrow. Eat better and exercise (but I telling allyuh now, I not giving up my mother pastelles.. ) I go be sure to be I looking hot in the new lingereee.So from tomorrow I'll be bringing sexy back!
P.s TTPOST stop tiefin my catalogues!!!


Bagogyul said...

i was sour lastnight too!
I couldn't watch anymore, after Justin i went to bed, those models made me feel like a pig.

pearlprincess said...

Chile...I can undertstand your situation. It is hard to resist especially when they have some of the prettiest, most comfortable underwear available. Yes they are at premium prices...but who say good ting no cheap!

saucydiva said...

I love VS so I feel your pain!!! I adore their bras because they make SEXY DD bras, I mean, the ones my bali et. al are practical but ugly!
And they fit so sexy too, the balconette bras are my weakness :D

The sales are really twice a year, though they do have specials all the time. I LOVE their Pj's too, medium tall is what I wear incase you are thinking of a gift for me for christmas with your VIP platinum card and ting :D

Anyways, the show was great and the best feature on Adrianna Lima is her mouth, she is smoking HOT!!

Yup, motivitation for the gym!

Karabana said...

I was watching it thinking these can sooo be Carnival costumes!! For sure Monday wear. I knew I'd see a post on it on a Carnival blog. :)
I liked their stewardess line, very different, sexy cool, has there ever been stewardess Carnival costumes? Not as many wings this year, & they added a lot of trains or arm padding (yuck) & leg pieces. The highland ones were meh.
I find the models they got to speak all look the damn same, cookie cutter boring, never any change, no variety (now that Tyra's retired). Adrianna is the most unique one of them all.
I like JT, (I was one of the people not booing him when he opened for the Stones concert for SARS) but hubby said they shoulda got Usher.
Phew CJ, you are VS #1 fan for sure!

Carnival Jumbie (Diva) said...

allyuh laughing is salad and Crix WHOLE DAY!!

Anonymous said...

I was a real VS fan too... until I discovered La Senza in Canada. THAT is the best place for drawers hands down. The quality is better and they are MUCH better priced. I actually live and work in NYC and I manage to reach Toronto or Montreal once a year for underwear shopping. Their online store is very disappointing but their selection in store is great and their semi-annual sales are awesome. It is a must see for anybody travelling through Canada.

Island Spice said...

I thought I knew some VS addicts but it look like you take the cake. Girl i put on one of my new body by Victoria kits and pose in front the mirror yes.. I think with better lighting I coulda make it.. ;)