Thursday, December 28, 2006

Back in Business

Yeah yeah, i know I was kinda MIA for a while there. For reasons beyond my control...I was real sick and eh catch myself up to now. And I had real ting to write about too..buh I just did not have the energy. So my commentary here go be a bit abbreviated....anyhow....

So report on Machel in Zen two weeks ago...He mash up as usual. That man know how to vibes up a place. And he gave the crowd a teaser of the new tunes for 2007. The crowd just wanted more. I real wine in the Zen yes. Doh mind they nearly set him on fire with some fireworks on stage. That would have be the end of dat yes! I should point out that one of his new tunes is entitled 'Jumbie'...sigh ..I'm so honoured to have a tune penned after me lololol. I not going to hash on this event too much as he was there last night again to release the new tunes and i did not go so I eh know what went dong.

So Children of the 80s was real kicks as usual. I was in full 80s kit. My friends wanted to dead when they see how I pull up. The greatest thing for the night had to be Wadiki (notorious for his get ups) who came to the dance in a Super Grover costume and did a dive into the crowd. The man end up giving himself a buss eye. I almost dead. I did not leave that party till 7am . For the most part ppl had a good time. One complaint..the VIP was non existant.Yes it had a VIP section ..but if nobody checking who going in and out between VIP and the regular admission..whats the point???

So the Carnival start and we ready to roll is real jumbie ting going on from here.

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kevian said...

That was the same night.. he play de arse in the living