Friday, November 10, 2006

Curry Tabanca

Well how about my mother come and tell me something yesterday that had me wanting to go down by the Red House with a piece of Bristol Board and a broom stick. She went and buy some doubles by Brooklyn Bar in Woodbrook and the man tell her a doubles is $2.50!!!!!WTF!!!!NAH! THAT IS maaaadness in this place.What gone up that doubles gone up Jus so?The last time it went up flour and ting went back down after the increase and they never decrease it.If allyuh read about Eyes Wide Shut allyuh might have an idea about how I love my doubles. Especially during a party when I drinking. You will only catch me drinking more than one drink when it have doubles in a party. I not waiting till after either..I yamming down in the dance, I doh business when it come to my belly. I mean since I move from working in downtown P.O.S I doh buy doubles as often but last time I check which was about last month it was still $2.00.

So government increase duty on alcohol so all them all inclusive go be over expensive but allyuh go interfere with my doubles too??Doubles is the party food staple!! NAH ! I not taking that!You know how much it go cost for a promoter to give a 5000 ppl free doubles???!! And yuh know they not eating one, they packing bag to go.So in protest of this montrosity and in celebration of the during party/after party doubles run, I shall now give pointers of how to know when the doubles man in the party is a bessss doubles.

  1. The doubles man have condiments like Richard's Bake and Shark. He doh have jus pepper, he have tamarind, kuchela, cucumber and mango. (buh i telling yuh!)
  2. The bara is a consistency such that all doh run off the paper and down yuh hand as yuh get it and it not so thick that it look like baby shit.
  3. It doh taste like baby shit.
  4. You recognise the doubles man in the dance as one of the "bes doubles man" yuh does patronise regular. (see my top 5 picks below)
  5. The doubles man have "assistants", one man to get the drinks, one man to get the money and one man to bag.
  6. The line long WHOLE NIGHT (cause if it was bad ,the word would spread before long) and it have man who stand up next to the doubles man WHOLE NIGHT saying "One more with slight"
  7. It have a man who coming and drop off fresh bara throughout the night.
  8. Doubles done before party done.
  9. The doubles man wrapping like Liam Teague playing 'Hands of Lightning' on a steelpan.
  10. The doubles man is a doubles Woman.
  11. The doubles man have a drive thru and call ahead pick up.(I tellin yuh!yuh doh believe me?)
  12. And most importantly ......after yuh eat about 5 and take home, it doh give yuh diarrhea or have yuh hugging up the toilet bowl the next day.

Ok so I telling allyuh one time,I from tong'. So I only really know about tong' doubles.( For you slow ones P.O.S). I have taken a turn up to Doubles Central (Curepe) a few times "jus for doubles" but was too long ago and too few a time to qualify me as a expert.So i go just give my top for tong' Doubles.

  1. The man with the yellow tent outside Nelson Exchange. He does only work when he feel like fus' he makin money.Bes' condiments
  2. The woman in Royal Castle car park on Frederick St. (Uptown). She have a drive thru and real assistant.
  3. The man at the corner of Cipriani Blvd and Tragarete Rd. (After the 51 done nah). This is different from the man who does be right downstairs 51. I hear the original doubles man here make so much money he migrate and leave the business to he family. So they say....
  4. Outside Brooklyn Bar x 2!!Now I hear this is how the story go. The man and his wife used to sell bes' doubles together. They mash up and then set up two doubles stand side by side. Both is bes' doubles but I hear the wife have the edge.I tend to agree.
  5. The man right downstairs 51.Give him props for product placement

Honorable mention:

  1. The man down the road from Kappa Drugs,St.James near Roxy .
  2. The man outside Long Circular Mall. Now I a little iffy about him, I only had like one time.But everybody say he is a bes' doubles. It does concern me a little that the man does sell doubles WHOLE DAY and WHOLE NIGHT. I have been told that he have someone who drops off bara/supplies during the day and is not just one set he come with. So they say...

Alright so allyuh write allyuh representative and protest the doubles increase. Lewwe organise a petition or something. If it have any doubles conisseurs who want to rank East and South Feel free!Bless!

OH and big up visitor 1000! I giving yuh a "P' to spell "PEN" since I doh have a HOUSE to give away like TSTT.


-:¦:-•:*''''*:•.-:¦:-•* cb *•-:¦:-•:*''''*:•-:¦:- said...

Congrats on crossing the 1,000 mark, Diva.

And thanks for the post. I will be memorising those names in due course. My family does real stick when it comes to vital information like that, so take a hand-shake from meh.

Hottie Hottie said...

Diva, Jumbie, I eh know what tuh call yuh, but BEST POST!!!! Here nah, yuh have meh cackling like a hen laying big egg in the rain here. That carpark woman is a tes'! She tired get my money. Yuh fuhget Sally! Sally does only work on Friday evenings. She does be outside Royal Castle on the Promenade and she man wrapping. A pretty Indian woman stand up high on a soapbox putting out doubles like she have curfew. I SURE yuh know Sally. She does be wearing fuzzy bedroom slippers on she foot. Two doubles from Sally and a Apple J to wash dong! Ahhhhhh... And that top five list MUST include Franks. Franks does be outside UWI there. He used to be opposite UWI doubles (waste ah time doubles if yuh ask me) with a white van and a green and white umbrella. Here nah. I eat Frankie doubles for breakfast almost EVERY morning for over a year yuh know! I like you girl. I doh make joke with my belly at all at all. Me eh cater! But back to Frankie, Frankie have all kinda condiment. He is the first man I see put grate coconut on he bara. Hear nah. I eh know how he prepare that coconut but when ah tell yuh SWEET! Sigh. It have plenty morning I going to work and I swear I smelling hot bara yes. But when yuh is one ah Frankie regular he does give yuh a thing call a triples. Girl, that thing does hit yuh belly WHAP! After a triples is just to curl up somewhere and sleep yes! Oh, honourable mention is the doubles family in Arima next to the man who does sell the cocnut water opposite Bally's high fashion. They win some Tidco awar arready fuh dey doubles. But dem is some doubles beast boy. Dem does be selling doubles WHOLE DAY. If you eh ketch them dey is cause yuh unlucky.

Carnival Jumbie (Diva) said...

Hottie girl, I FORGET to mention the triples, not everybody does have dat yuh know!!!
And yuh know I never hear about coconut on doubles...that is a first for me. But i have dealt up with tht UWI doubles as well, was not impressed .

kevian said...

Girl in arima yuh have ruffinas by royal castle.. dem BESS, they have real assistance and they doubles have a fireside flavour.

The orginal sauce in curepe I rank to.

How do u put on the site meter.?

kevian said...

hottie, them doubles does be best by bally too.. but late in the night ruffinas does come out ,yuh ever had them? they right opposite.

Uwi doubles is real shit.. i fyne the bara to thick .. it like ah bake.

Carnival Jumbie (Diva) said...

Kevian , they have a few sites out there that offer free web counters or code for a counter. I just went to and opened a (free) account. Once you pick what kind of meter you want they give you the code to link to the blog and they keep the tally.

Hottie Hottie said...

Girl that UWI doubles is a waste ah time. I went some fete once and UWI doubles was dey and NOBODY eat none. I doh know HOW dey get a best doubles reputation. I guess when yuh ass poor and hongry on campus they does full yuh guts.

Oh and the doubles couple that break up and working side by side now is true.

saucydiva said...

UWI doubles sucks! The ORIGINAL Sauce is d ting self! At Tribe launch they had a doubles man selling doubles for $1.00, meh husband make he name!

Thanks for the list of bess doubles, my husband get sick from the ones at LCM though, and he is a man does eat anything and don't get sick so be careful with that one!

Oh, you ever had doubles from the man who does be my Westmall? I had it once and it was good.

Carnival Jumbie (Diva) said...

Yeah boy I forget about West Mall, I don't by there too often. I find the men who does be out WHOLE day just a little suspect. I just doh feel comfortable buying doubles from someone who does be there from 6 in the morning till 6 in the night.Which is why the man outside LCM does just get a honorable mention.