Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Keep on rocking in the free world!

Well I am sure all of you bloggers have been fortunate enough to have been visited by the blogger Nazis.These are the people who for some inexplicable reason visit your site, read your post and then have the audacity to leave a comment that completely crticises the fact that you said anything at all. They have decided that since they don't agree with your comments then you should not say anything period. Please note these said people tend to post with the nick "ANONYMOUS" cause they are too cowardly to really stick to their guns,stand by their own opinions and actually put a pseudonym of some sort(do they even know what that means!!!). I have already expressed my distaste for such individuals on saucy's blog, especially with the bloggers' recent confrontations with Mr.Nanton and other blog bashers.I have no problem with people who don't agree with me but I LOATHE people who act like you don't have the right to think for yourself and form your own opinion. Those who act as their word is the only true reality.

So, I was quite delighted to see an article in Today's Guardian that showed that the Paris based advocacy group Reporters without Borders has ranked Trinidad 19th in the world in terms of media freedom.That is amazing to me. Trinidad is ranked before the United States (53rd!) and the U.K (27th). So much for third world mentality huh?

So for the blogger bashers who remain ignorant, go read a newspaper.Again I say this is a democratic country where normal civilans STILL have the right to free speech. My blog is for those who believe in the free expression and exchange of ideas.So if you don't agree with my comments here, feel free to say so but don't dispute my right to say what I want. For those who are still unclear or still disagree, its my blog, so I can tell you to kiss my lovely red ass. Ha!


saucydiva said...

Blogger Nazis! :D

They visit me frequently too, I just get laughs because at the end of the day it is still MY blog with MY opinions.

Oh, and they can kiss my brown ass too LOL.

Hottie Hottie said...

HEAR HEAR! (Not too sure how it's spelt actually). And when you're finished with hers, you can join the line waiting to kiss my two toned ass (that tan line eh fading AT ALL!!!!!!)

P.S. Shouldn't be surprised by our ranking - when last yuh read a Mirror girl!?

Alexia said...

I am so glad I click & read this, I can't belive that we r ranked higher than US; & in the top 20. "Yes so much for 3rd world mentality"

Mani said...

Actually the official blogging term for them is a troll. Yeah I get them all the time...I'm actually dealing with one right now. But doh study dem.

Hottie and Alexia, is here allyuh does be liming so?

Carnival Jumbie (Diva) said...

Thanks for the heads up Mani! I still kinda like Blogger Nazi lolol! Its more self descriptive lol!

Hottie Hottie said...

Mani, we does be all over.