Wednesday, October 11, 2006

If you don't have good skin..fake it.

I felt that I should give this product its moment of glory and devote an entire post to it. So you don't have good skin. Maybe your acne has cleared up due to your religious following of my previous post but you still have unsightly scarring. Maybe the cellulite is worse than you thought and the "magic eraser" is not giving you as much results as you wanted (I tell yuh I can't work miracles!!) . The varicose veins note cute.Well there is still hope for you !

Dermablend is a product that I have been using for about two years that is every woman's (and man's) solution to medium to severe skin problems. They have a wide range of products that can conceal every possible problem inlcluding skin pigmentation conditions and birthmarks. In the interest of Carnival the best product you can use is the Leg and Body Cover Creme. This products covers and conceals:
  • Uneven skin Tone
  • Age Spots
  • Bruises
  • Spider Veins
  • Varicose Veins!!
  • Burn Scars
  • Strechmarks!!
  • Vitiligio
  • Tattoos!

So all of allyuh who feel you can wear thongs with no stockings might want to take a review in the mirror and invest in some of this. For those who may be concerned about how it holds up under Carnival conditions..I have personally tried and tested. If you want more examples check the website for "Before and after" pics. They also have an Acne control foundation that treats and covers at the same time.

Once applied correctly it does what it says and does so all day. Of course ultimately I must say a good pair of stockings will stop what not supposed to jiggle from jiggling. But in terms of other body parts, say you did not follow my recommendation and start getting rid of the lothar today and instead wait till Carnival Saturday then you have a "get out of jail" free card with this product.And I said, they have a wide range of products for your face. Another fave is the Smooth Indulgence Redness concealer, which any pro make up artist (not me) can tell you neutralises the redness in a blemish before applying a cover up.

Well if you can't order it online or get it in stores or get yuh family to bring some, they actually do sell this product in Trinidad. You can get a wide range of products at the hair salon upstairs in Movie Towne. They have just about every shade and comparitively the price is good and the make up stretches an EXTREMELY long way.For those of you who are self conscious about your problems, this quick fix will work wonders for your self-esteem. Well worth the investment!

Lets give Dermablend a round of applause!Yay!


buublenut said...

was the thong and no stocking comment toward me lol :)

Carnival Jumbie (Diva) said...

lolololol no honey it was not directed at you, I did not even know you deal up with that lol. It was a general comment. I am sure that you look fine doing it but as we both know their are people who definitely should not be doing it!At least not if they don't use something like this.I for one am extremely over critical of myself so unless my skin is flawless I would not even risk it. I do the thong thing already but with stockings.

saucydiva said...

My friend uses dermablend to cover her acne marks, you would never know she did not have perfect skin because she is quite popular here in Trinidad and her face has been on several ads both in print and on TV. The thing is though, how does it hold up to the sweat and all that? I use Revlon colorstay, they have a new forumla out which looks very natural but the foundation really stays put, not rubbing off for anything. To remove you need a cleanser like cethaphil.

Carnival Jumbie (Diva) said...

I Have used the Dermablend when playing mas past 3 years or so to cover a nasty birthmark and it held up remarkably well. I also used it the year I played in white and no running. But as with all make up if you actually try and wipe it off with something or have it rubbing against your clothes all day some will come off. It still requires a makeup remover of some sort to remove.
Sacha also has a makeup line for similar purposes that comes complete with teh remover that I have used before but I prefer the Dermablend.
The colourstay used to have concealer sticks that worked well but they discontinued my colour so I bun that out. I used to use the foundation as well but I felt I was in between colours and did not quite get an exact match for my skin tone.Since then I have upgraded to the M.A.C studio fix which has my exact colour.

buublenut said...

lol diva - I playing cow mas and I am determined to do it in thong come Carnival Tuesday :)

I am aranging a wax before I come down because it saves having to shave while I am on the island - major plus :)

BTW love the bracelets for your costume - did you order them?

Carnival Jumbie (Diva) said...

Bubblenut !!How could you play in cow mas!!!AAAHHHH! I hate that costume.As I said before that "too too" brown will look like shit on my skin colour. In real life I find it looks tacky. Not saying that you and others will not look good once every one has it on but it really was not for me.
I want to wear the thong again but my b/f is highly disapproving about it and is making me feel guilty.
I did not order the bracelets just yet as I am still looking around, it was just one of my options. Its a good price but with teh delivery charge I could have bought three sets! So I holding off on it

buublenut said...

LOL - it wasn;t my first choice at all but I am bringing 2 of my girls down for there first Carnival so I really left it up to them - Ijust want to make sure they have a good time - after I llook at it though I like it. Should be fun. The colour is ok for me - you see I foreign (Italian) so once I tan up my skin the colour will suit me, plus up here in the fall season we all wear brown so it a colour we use too :)

I am going to change it up a bit - like Monday me notwearing my chaps and hat probably will wear it with brown booty shorts the top and tie up my head in some wrap and ting - hard to really say till I have costume in hand and then come tuesday I will wear the chaps witht he thongs. I know I can work it :)

Where the braclets from - meanign what country they need to be shipped out of?

I really thinking of flying down next month to chek out the mas camp - I can't wait till Feb.

Where in Trinidad you live?? Wahts your choice for cool down fete??

Let me know if I can add your link to my blog.

Just order the thong and double lawyer your backside and strip off the granny pantie when your man be out of site girl LOL but them I remember you all scared of the cameras LOL I am safe - those tape don't air at home :)

Carnival Jumbie (Diva) said...

well you very right, that costume need a little tweaking to really look hot. But like you real excited? You want to come to see what!!??lol I really hope that is not the only reason you coming!

But the thong order already girl !lol. It had order last year too but I chicken out lol. I hoping he lighten up next year. He never say I can't but I know he is not thrilled about it. The joke is even with the regular bottom piece it is so narrow in the back you could fake a thong. He thought I had still wear it so now you know i using reverse psychology lol.And i eh fraid the cameras either.

I honestly can't even remember what I do after Carnival..I think I just cool it cause I really run it red the week before. No scene to link me to your blog , I will do the same. You definitely get Carnival warrior rank for coming home to see teh mas camp lol.

buublenut said...

Well to see the mas camp and ting LOL I have someone I wouldn't mind paying a visit to :) Plus me running form the cold girl.

I thought the regular bottoms would be narrow in the back anyhow.

Of course I am excited - I real love your country. No matter what I always find myself down there. Started years ago and I don't see an end in sight. Carnival really lets you free up yourself and have a good time and honestly when I return home after Carnival I just grin for months - I just scared to see how I will be come Dec/Jan time!!!! OH GOSH!!!

Carnival Jumbie (Diva) said...

wait nuh, bubblenut you are not a TRINI???what d ass..i could have swear you born here, you really catch that carnival jumbie boy

Hottie Hottie said...

Wait. Bubbles, you's not a Trini?! But what de jail?! I say you's one a we, maybe second generation born in de cold but come back often etc. I eh know you a foreigner. Congrats girl, congrats. Yuh well tief we head.

buublenut said...

Thanks guys - or whould I sat Thonks :) Its your culture that makes me feel welcomed in Trinidad. People here all tease me when I go Trinidad and tell me I'm going home. Don't kill me now hottie but I think I am reaching November time - I will let you know :)

buublenut said...

Thanks guys - or whould I sat Thonks :) Its your culture that makes me feel welcomed in Trinidad. People here all tease me when I go Trinidad and tell me I'm going home. Don't kill me now hottie but I think I am reaching November time - I will let you know :)

Hottie Hottie said...

Well I might be back for December so if we overlap we could link.

buublenut said...

sound like a plan. Prices too higj for Dec from here. Its like under 500 if I want to go Nov and then jumps to all 800 - 1200 for Dec. Christmas big in Trinidad I know

SocaDiva said...

Where in trini can u get the dermablend i can't remeber ever seeing it?

freezin said...

Wow buubblenut you had me fooled too! As a trini who spends half the time in Italy it's nice to see it work the other way around! Sound like you make it home more often than me! =)

Carnival Jumbie (Diva) said...

I know for sure you can get dermablend upstairs movie towne in the hair deressing salon. They have the full range. A few boutiques in the malls around the town may also have stock. (i heard you can get it in trincity at one of the kiosks, not sure how true that is).
I think movie towne is the best option as you can see and test the colours. Dermablend also has an online store that has products that may not be sold here. Once you know your shade you can by other stuff online