Monday, November 06, 2006

Eyes Wide Shut or Sleepwalking?

So I go to "Eyes Wide Shut" put on by "The Comission".I was not too enthused to go in the first place. I was a little under the weather and quite broke but I gave it the college try nonetheless. Over the past few "Eyes Wide Shut' I have always had something come up around the same time be it other commitments or lack of money thereof. I actually thought I was missing this one as well as it was supposed to have been on the 28th Oct and was moved to this past weekend.I went to their Carnival fete this year which was plagued by torrential downpours all night.I was not amused when I saw the weather was shaping up to be almost as bad. I was further not amused when I heard it was in Mobs2.I don't like that venue, one because its not covered and two because its up in Chaguaramas (which we all know is traffic hell if more than one thing is happening that night). But I had already paid my money so I was stuck.

Well all the reviews I have gotten from friends about their parties have always been good. But honestly it was just ok. Not great, just ok. Thankfully it was on the concrete patio.First thing I noticed was that it was incredibly hot. How it is possible to have an open air venue and feel like you in Coconuts when the air con not working is beyond me.They did not seem to have anywhere blocked off but dear God, ask anyone, I was boiling. Overall it was very bouge, very social. You really had to get drunk (as most ppl did) to really enjoy yourself, otherwise you would be hot and bothered and bored. Music was definitely not the best so vybez was intermittent to say the least.It had people but was not over packed.

So what did I get for $250 ($350 for men!)? Nothing I doh have home in my house for free. So I rate the 'free' doubles only cause its the woman from Royal Castle carpark on Frederick St who have it bessss'.I gone by the bar and I was not thrilled on seeing generic Angostura Crap. Now doh get me wrong, I love my bitters as much as the next Trini but if I pay $250 I want to see Johnny Walker not stinking Dewars (12 or otherwise).So No Johnny, I was not amused. Further unamused when I see a bottle of Johnny pouring behind the bar half way through the night.So how some people getting Johnny and I not??HMMM !!! So I have to ASK for Johnny?? By this time I was already to sweaty and irritated to even pursue the matter.But its bullshit all the same.

They had Haagen Dazs and bake and shark but I did not partake. I see the woman with the Moet set up with a nice table. For her to tell me $400/bottle. RIIIGHT like I does walk with $400 cash to a party I pay $250 to get in. Like who does that??Money to burn yes.I love champagne to eh, but I thought It would have been free for that money.I lose off of them with that one. Other than that , I did not see any more sponsors in the dance, other than Benson & Hedges. And I really was not rating the party overall more because I kinda compared it to Black Velvet's 'Bourgeois' party a few weeks before and for $300 it was the bomb. They had a wide selction of food (doubles,wings,bake and shark,geera pork,pastries etc), Haagen Daz, chocolate fountain with strawberries, triniscene giving yuh picture as you come in and FREE MOET!!! And it was flowing for almost the entire night. Comparitively, Black Velvet did better for the buck.

From the rave reviews I expected more and was somewhat disappointed.Glad I did not waste the hot outfit I was planning to wear and threw something else together.Everyone I know who said it was fun was very drunk.That to me does not really make a party.Some who were drunk still thought it was shit. Well now I know to follow my mind and keep my money in my pocket till Carnival season really start.

Can't forget though....Children of the 80's anyone?


saucydiva said...

This has always been a "Bourg" fete gyul.But from your review the real deal was Bourgeouis, will add that to my calender of events for 2007 )hopefully).

Carnival Jumbie (Diva) said...

I tend to like most of Black Velvet's parties , they really seem to try to giv eyou your money's worth. They may over do it a little when they have too many ppl in 51 degrees and the dance is sweaty but overall the vibes are still good. I was a little turn off when i heard the last dance was $300 (thought they was getting greedy) but was somewhat pacified when i saw what they had to offer.

kevian said...

I hate mobs! the worst venue to hold anything, how canu have allinclusive with out johhny? maybe that has to do with the 30% increase in cost???. I have never been to that party before but my girl friend went and she had a ball.