Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Slimming down with the South Beach Diet

First off, check with your doctor before embarking on any new health program. With that said...the South Beach Diet is to me the BEST possible weight loss program out there. Ok ok so they are a million "fad diets" but this one is one that makes SENSE and you don't have to starve yourself or eat things that you hate. Its not a low fat or low carb diet. Its all about eating GOOD carbs as opposed to BAD carbs.This is how it works:

Following Phase 1 for two weeks kick-starts your weight loss. You'll eat normal-size portions of lean meat, fish, eggs, reduced-fat cheese, nonfat yogurt, nuts, and plenty of vegetables. Snacks and desserts are part of the plan, as well.

Next, you'll move on to Phase 2, where you'll learn to reintroduce the right carbs, such as whole grains and most fruits. Some indulgences are allowed. You should continue to lose weight on Phase 2 until you reach your goal.

Once you've reached your goal weight, you'll move to Phase 3 (the maintenance phase), where you'll continue to make good eating choices. The plan will feel less like a diet and more like a lifestyle.

Ok so it sounds too good to be true..But i shall testify!! I started noticing that I was putting on a lot of weight . I took a try and casually started on the diet. After the first 2 weeks I had lost 7 pounds, I kid you not!! Now it takes some discipline, the second week is the hardest but if i can do it, anyone can. My major temptations were fries (and potatoes in all forms) and pasta which I looooove. Read up at www.southbeachdiet.com. I became the diet guru of my office and had a few ppl on the program with me. They all lost weight in the first two weeks. Great thing about it is ,if you slip you just jump back on the bandwagon to the phase before! The original book is available in stores in Trinidad and internationally ,best book you will ever buy. See online also for the South beach diet cookbook and for the south beach "good carbs,bad carbs" book which lists just about everything you can and cannot eat in a phase by phase basis.

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