Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Registration Strategy

I was not planning to go back to registration strategy ..I think my sistren saucy diva (see link) covered it very well in its entirety. However, I realise that people still sticking and I feel the need to reinforce a previous comment that I added to her site.

Rule number one for true Carnival jumbies...DON'T EVER WAIT ON ANYONE ELSE!!! My motto is that you have to play in a section that is right for YOU and what YOU like and what makes you feel comfortable.Yeah ok, its always nice to play in the same section with all your friends..but when push come to shove its YOUR 3grand that spending and I for one don't want to spend it on a costume I hate! There is still room for compromise...

My crew has a system, we see the costumes as early as possible and take a vote.(This includes ppl in foreign) We vote on the band and then on the section. TRIBE has won hands down past few years even when they were in Poison. Last year we had all came to a common consensus to play in Angel Fish although not everyone liked it but majority ruled. This year was more difficult as everyone's taste was very different. Majority voted Jamette (which i refuse to be caught dead in). I definitely could not take one for the team cause jamette was not even in my top 5. One girl jump ship and went IP and I just decided I was going to play in the section I liked. I guarantee you will ALWAYS find someone you know in the section especially in a band like Tribe.And since TRIBE operates as one big band its not like long time when ppl was always trying to kick you out of the section for wearing a different costume.You can wear the costume you like and still hang with the crew. Waiting on ppl makes no sense cause you will regret it later on. You might find yourself with NO costume at all. I for one always tell my friends from foreign who come to visit, "you better keep up and don't get drunk out of your mind cause I WILL leave your ass on the side of the road". If i have to play by myself I will be on the road in costume!!

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