Thursday, September 28, 2006

Gym Ettiquette

To round off my "Gym Series" of posts, I figured I would offer some tips on Gym Ettiquette for those who seem to forget their manners on a regular.
  • Do not reapply perfume before working out.(PLEASE!) I doh know why ppl feel that spraying perfume (or even body spray!) will do anything but make you smell more stink when you start to sweat. Spare the rest of us from the over powering scents when we already can't catch we breath.

  • Walk with a towel. Not a washrag, not a bandana..a TOWEL.There is a reason the gym does put up signs saying this. When you saucing down the place all over the machines ,wipe up after yourself. Walking with this also protects yourself from those who always "forget". ewwwww

  • Don't hog the machines. The gym always ram Carnival time, so don't be selfish. Let someone get in a set while you resting in between your own. And if you are a Gym H.O try and save the small talk for when you not on the machine.

  • If you don't have a body like JLo or Beyonce, don't dress for the Gym like you do!!Basically its just a little too much information sometimes and its not easy on the eyes. By all means if your body is slamming with it.

  • The trainers in the gym are for ALL paying members. If you want a personal trainer then hire one!

  • If you know you reach late for a class then don't try and squeeze/scam your way in and cramp the other people. It is of no benefit to anyone if they can't move and do the exercise properly. Cool it and take a treadmill.

  • The gym is not the place for PDA (public displays of affection). Why ppl does come gym with they man/woman in the first place is beyond me. But again..too much information!! Get a room!!

  • And finally..don't go to the gym unless you really planning to work out! They have a place call Crobar on the Ave that is open everyday.

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Hottie Hottie said...

This funny like hell girl! Is true! All of it. Doh come and pose off when people like we serious like death. Arramge to meet the man after and leave!