Thursday, September 28, 2006

Gym beasts, Gym H.O.s, Gymbolassies and all in between

I felt this topic deserved a post all on its own. These comments are based on my observations in the gym and even more so in the same said spin class I endured today......
  • GYM BEASTS : These are the truly dedicated gymers who go to the gym to get in shape and nothing more. They don't care about their make up, or if they have on the latest brands, they just going to work hard. Easy way to spot a gym beast, the one who have the treadmill speed on 10 and incline on 20 for one hour. Or better yet, they inthe frontline of the aerobics or spin class. You tend to find these ppl year round in the gym.

  • GYM H.O.s: I had to adapt this from saucy diva's definition of H.Os (see her blog). The gym H.O. s(High Maintenance Overachievers) are the ones who put on make up and perfume to come to the gym. They have to talk to ALL the man in the gym before they even change their clothes. They spend half and hour changing and come out well kit out in the latest Nike. They push up in front the counter cause 'They only come to SPIN" (refer to previous post). When they reach in the class even if they reach first they taking a spot in the back. They will spend half the class fixing their show laces/adjusting the bike seat and handles /drinking water. Anything to avoid actually particpating or working out.You might even get a cell phone call or two in there. Basically they come to pose and say they "went gym". And in true H.O ism , they probably playing in the lead section.

  • GYMBOLASSIES: Lawd, well it eh to hard to figure out that these are the seasonal gymers who only come between band launch and Carnival. Now you have a wide variety of Gymbolassies...cause you have the gymbolassie beasts who coming to work their ass off to look good for Carnival. On the flip side you have Gymbolassie H.O.s , those who only come during the season and STILL put in little or no effort into their workout. For some reason these are the ppl who always end up in front of me in the classes. They up in the front line but they barely trying to do anything but fix themselves. They throwing yuh off time right thru and they jump out the class half way.

  • All in between.....Well can't hate on the people who just go to do they thing and try to maintain it.

As amusing as this may seem, one should terms of your fitness routine, key to looking your best for Carnival is to be committed and focused on your fitness goals. Whether your problem area is abs, buns or thighs, its important to get a program that works for you (preferably from a professional). All gyms offer some sort of professional consultation free of charge (one yuh pay yuh dues!).

In conclusion, It is only fair that I place myself into one of the categories....I would consider myself to be a gymbolassie gym beast. I go to the gym throughout the year but coming closer to Carnival I kick up the frequency and the intensity of my workouts to obtain specific results. In the off season...i'm just in between. So where do you fall??


Hottie Hottie said...

GYMBOLLAISSIE! ROFL! Some funny sh!t girl! That sounding like a pre Carnival faux pas list (see MY blog)

Prettidolli said...




Thanks! :)

Jamette said...

I am a Lazy-Bastard who only started going to the gym this year, it have any category for me?! I seeing little bits of me in allll them other categories except the GYM H.Os who i despise. I make sure I go to the gym BEFORE they come because they all come at the same time and when all the supposedly 'hot' guys there. Like you say they well match dong, every stripe co-ordinated, don't sweat and always fixing dey hair. Me? I dere in my jouvert shoes, hair a mess, jersey, looking a mess, leaving halfway, can't ketch meh breath in the aerobics class, scared of the spin class because i might fall off the stationary bike and crying in the abs class. But that was last month, because I aint' go in a month...shame. I will start back.

And diva. I make yuh out Natural Mystic.

Carnival Jumbie (Diva) said...

Aight nuh Jamette, doh blow me up so !! From the time I start to rant about the South Beach I sell out myself lolol. I feel you is a borderline gymbolassie. You want to make the effort on account of Carnival but it taking some time to get the ball rolling.
Thanks pretti dolli for pointing out my misquote. I was a little caught up in the venting.

Prettidolli said...

Thanks Prettidolli for pointing out my misquote. I was a little caught up in the venting.

LOL..........No problem, cool blog! Perhaps one day ah homeless Internet wretch like myself will have de time to put one together as well.