Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Carnival Legacy

Before I really get the ball rolling, I just want to pay homage to my parents who got me started in this whole mas thing. When I was younger I hated Carnival Mon & Tues. I used to like the like the little school jump up but that was about the size of it. My parents are long time mas players and played with everyone from Minshall, Wayne Berkley, Young Harts..Poison. My dad in particular used to make and play in big mas costume on occasion(see pic soon when i find my scanner!)

My resentment for Carnival probably had something to do with the fact that my parents (true carnival jumbies themselves) would always leave me and my siblings by some family friends in Woodbrook while they go down the road with Poison. I HATED ever minute. I never saw these ppl other than these two days of the year and I was always forced to go on the Ave with them.

When I was old enough to complain but not old enough to stay home with my brothers and sisters, my parents started leaving us at my grandmother's. Now it was a little more fun as all my relatives would be in town and my cousins were also dumped there...but my grandma (Bless her soul) was probably the original carnival jumbie. In her younger days she would tailor for whole sailor bands. All of my aunts and uncles know how to sew a pair of pants for that reason. She was real dread cause once that TV turn onto the parade of bands you were risking certain death by trying to change the channel! WHOLE day is parade of bands, even when they start to show the repeat for the day. And when mom and dad reach back, they not leaving till they see their band crossing the stage.

So it was not until Carnival '95 I was my mom offered me her costume on Tuesday (true jumbie play one day and work the next). I declined although all my friends had played for the first time in the same section. The next year I thought I would give it a try.So Carnival '96 was the first run. I was so self conscious with my skinny ass self. My costume was the second bikini I ever owned (I sure I still have the costume too eh) . But I can tell you that is when the script flip..I had the time of my life. And that was when I tell myself that I would never have a Carnival pass me and I not in costume.

So big up mom and dad for introducing me to such an unbelivable experience. And although my mom hang up her gold boots (after 30+ years of playing) I know my dad will be on the road again next year (using the famous excuse that he is a road manager when he damn well know he in costume lolol).


buublenut said...

Wow love the story of how your Carnival came to be girl :)

Enjoy yourself on the road this year!!!

Who you playing with??

Carnival Jumbie (Diva) said...

I am in the big band TRIBE once again in the big section Dragon. Was in the front of the line with saucy trini (but did not realise) Would love to hear how other ppl got into the Carnival scene.....