Thursday, September 28, 2006

Carnival Legacy Pics

Well here is the pics I promised of my dad in big mas
back in the day. This pic was featured in a book called "Trinidad and Tobago" by David Frost (copyright 1975 by Andre Deutsch). I am not sure what year the pic was taken but it was definitely before I was even thought of!

The next pic is one I dig up out of the picture drawer, shows the same costume but on the Big Stage in the Savannah. Now tell me if the stage doh look exactly the same now as 30 years ago!!


Prettidolli said...

It looking so so nice gyul, yuh had to post it up twice........LOL!

Yuh Daddy looks too sweet! :)

I guess we can change it to:


Niceness all aroung....

Carnival Jumbie (Diva) said...

Yeah boy, the blog server playing up in its ass today. I had to rescue the post and then it post it twice. I fix up now man. Stay tuned, thanks for stopping by.

Jamette said...

At least your daddy was trying to look pretty. How we end up watching channel 4 (NCC) about 3 weeks ago and why they were showing the parade from 1979 and in the middle of the laughter, see my father, the original player of all Devil mas crossing the stage in Tico Skinner band probably studying how he going to get a punch when he come off the stage because is November I born!

saucydiva said...

LOL @Jamette, I am born in November too!!!

Them pics look really nice,one day I want to play an individual, yuh hear that dolli ah want to be ah I.H.O. :P

on and yeah, blogger playing up today!