Tuesday, September 26, 2006

146 Days and counting!!

So I figure I would jump on the bandwagon of all the other carnival obsessed crew and start a Carnival Blog of my own. This way I can say contribute to the cause and offer my two cents as well. My two passions in life are Carnival and Shopping (I also consider them to be my two vices). Carnival 2007 will make it 10 years (YES 10! does not include the ONE Carnival I ever miss in my life *sniff*) that I have played in costume. And I have played in the hottest costumes to the worst!! I have come to realise that there are other ppl out there who are just as concerned as I am about how to pull off that super sexy costume and still stand out from all the other masqueraders in the section. Of course survival tips would also of be great help!! I think I have it down to a science from registration to Carnival Day.

My ultimate goal for Carnival 2007 is to look ridiculously fabulous , hey I'm in Dragon in TRIBE, no less can be acceptable. I am fortunate enough to be in pretty good shape as is but I think as age starts to catch up I actually have to put in some effort (bless you mom and dad for good genes). So for all the others working for the cause, this blog will show what I am doing to get into top shape and to look my best. I am also quite a fashion crtic and will show you what you should and should NOT wear to those lovely all inclusive fetes. Registration is done (sorry I stick) but nonetheless..The journey begins my ppl......


fiesty said...

I will keep posted to hear your critics and ideas.

waspwidfirecracker said...

good afternoon
well now you have definitely peaked my interests. carnival is for me my favorite time of the eyar apart from christmas and given that i live abroad and am out of touch with whats in and not, i am definitely game for pointers.

hope you have a great week.